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What you need to know from Donald Trump’s news conference

Donald Trump just gave his first post-election press conference. Speaking for approximately an hour, it was far short of President Vladimir Putin’s five hour end-of-year marathons, but the entertainment was non-stop.

Trump’s humour has almost certainly helped him cope with his ill-treatment at the hands of the fake stream media. Far from being a foreign agent, he seems to love his country and more importantly, love his countrymen. He seems to genuinely sympathise with the concerns of ordinary people. As President he will engage with them, not with the media and corporate elite.

Here are the crucial points…

Fake News

Trump was merciless against ‘news’ organisations who have slandered his reputation and treated him unfairly. He called Buzzfeed a ‘failing piece of garbage’ and refused to take a question from CNN angrily saying ‘you’re fake news’.


Trump repeated that it would only be a good thing to have good relations with Russia, especially in the fight against terrorism. He casually said that Russia probably hacked the DNC but acted as though he didn’t particularly care. He reiterated his belief that Putin has no respect for Obama’s administration but will respect America under Trump.


Donald Trump will cease personal control of his business empire leaving it to his two eldest sons. He said legally he didn’t have to do it but he would do it anyway.


Again, he criticised poor US deals made with China. In other words US-stupid/China-smart.


The wall building will begin immediately. Working on how to get Mexico to pay will be a longer negotiating process.


Trump was highly critical of big pharma for taking jobs away from the US and charging astronomical amounts for their medicines.


He said he will be a god of job creation and that companies manufacturing abroad will face massive ‘border taxes’. He praised companies like Ford who agreed to reinvest in US factories rather than Mexican ones after Trump’s election victory.

His team: Anyone who isn’t the best — will be fired!

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