Fox News’ told to “go f*** yourself” as it covers loser “Scream at the Sky” event (Video)

Jesse Watters speaks with protesters in New York on anniversary of President Trump’s election.

Fox News’ Jesse Watters decided to visit the “Scream at the Sky” event in NYC, and try to figure out exactly who these pathetic losers are…and why, after one year since “Crooked” Hillary lost to Trump, they still cannot get over the defeat and move on with their lives.

Via The Gateway Pundit

In case you missed it, the mentally ill of society, also known as liberals, gathered outside in New York City to ‘scream at the sky’ Wednesday night to mark the one year anniversary of Trump being elected President.

Fox News’ Jesse Watters was live reporting in New York and interviewed a few of the screaming lunatics.

Watters asked one protester (who appeared to be intoxicated) if he wanted a pacifier after he screamed like a baby.

The protesters replied, “Go f*ck yourself”.

Watters said he only saw about 30 protesters; the rest of the people present were from the media.

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