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“Unemployment emasculates men,” says Dirty Jobs host Mike Rowe (VIDEO)

“Unemployment emasculates men,” says Dirty Jobs host Mike Rowe (VIDEO)

On Tucker Carlson’s TV program on Fox News, he conducted an interview with former Dirty Jobs host Mike Rowe. The interview illuminated the problems that happen to men when they are unemployed. He also gave a series of very thoughtful ideas.

One very interesting thought was that in Dirty Jobs, there were many people that did work that one might think was an undesirable job, but they were happy with it. There seemed to be a truth that those who work with their hands and do something hard, but worthwhile, felt better about themselves than those who had the “white-collar” posh jobs.

But let’s watch and see Mr. Rowe and let him speak on his own behalf. He says it very well, indeed.

To add a little more spice to the mix, we have also included one link to a Dirty Jobs  episode so readers can get to know this program if they do not already.

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