Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones threatens to sue the NFL

If Goodell does not take action against anthem kneelers Jones will…

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones wants action taken to stop the national anthem protesting and the harm its causing to the NFL.

Jones is threatening to sue NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, if he does not take action against players taking a knee during the national anthem.

Reports claim that the Dallas Cowboy’s owner is disgusted in Roger Goodell’s lack of leadership and is now ready to sue the league.

ESPN reports…

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has threatened to sue the National Football League if a contract extension for commissioner Roger Goodell is approved by the league’s compensation committee, sources told Outside the Lines.

A team owner and a team executive told Outside the Lines that Jones has hired David Boies, the famed New York lawyer who represented Vice President Al Gore in the deadlocked 2000 presidential election — and who led the NFL’s court case during a dispute over the 2011 collective bargaining agreement negotiations. Boies has previously represented Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, who now faces numerous sexual assault allegations.

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