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Former Kiev PM predicts Ukrainian regime change

Former Kiev PM predicts Ukrainian regime change

Nikolai Azarov who served as Prime Minister of Ukraine under the last legitimate Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych between 2010 and 2014 has said that he predicts that the ruling Poroshenko regime is about to fall.

Azarov cited several factors including widespread economic discontent and increasingly numerous neo-Nazi protesters over the fact that the regime’s war of aggression against Donbass isn’t sufficiently violent. He also cited the fact that arch-opportunist Yulia Timoshenko continues to gather support in Kiev’s Rada (parliament) for her proposed impeachments of Petro Poroshenko, a measure which now has support of the extremist fascist faction, the Radical Party.

Azarov admitted that legally it is difficult to remove the regime’s leader Poroshenko form power but that due to the ‘anything goes’ nature of contemporary Ukrainian politics, that this likely won’t matter when all is said and done.

The former PM stated,

“Everything is heading in the direction that the regime of Petro Poroshenko is nearing its end, changes are likely to happen soon”.

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Although Azarov who now lives in The Russian Federation has started a political group called the Committee for the Salvation of Ukraine which seeks to restore law and order in Ukraine, he stated that he does not have any personal ambitions at this time. Azarov said,

“I don’t think about any posts, I think about the restoration of a constitutional order in Ukraine and that it will be possible to return without fear of the political persecution that is now underway against my friends and colleagues”.

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