Ukraine’s Poroshenko takes $500,000 Maldives vacation while his people languish in poverty

Petro Poroshenko is living it up whilst his people are suffering in conditions inferior to those of Charles Dickens’ Bob Cratchit

For many of us, the ideal Christmas is spent by a warm fireside, under a roof covered by a blanket of snow, surrounded by our closest loved one.

But Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko chose to spend the Christmas holiday on vacation by renting an island in the Maldives, where one day’s agenda included yoga after breakfast, a massage, some sporty games and snorkeling after brunch.

Here is a report that appeared on Russian nightly news pertaining to the glamorous vacation.


Aperitifs before lunch were followed by exquisite culinary preparations. Costs were a paltry $37,500 for Poroshenko, next to the $188,000 for the Falcon 7X charter from Kiev for seven adults and two children, while the private villa was rented out for $276,000.

Altogether, the hryvnia equivalent would be roughly 14 million, as Poroshenko spared no expense for his friends and family.

Yet Poroshenko wanted to ensure that he expressed his solidarity with and Christmas salutations for the Ukrainian populace by displaying himself and family at church, prerecorded, of course, since he knew that he would be far away when the actual time would arrive.

But for most Ukrainians, the holiday was no where near as lavish. Ukraine is in the midst of a civil war and an unprecedented economic recession where many Ukrainians struggle daily to survive.

Poroshenko is living it up whilst his people must celebrate their Christmas in conditions inferior to those of Charles Dickens’ Bob Cratchit. But this is nothing new for them as Petro’s actions are common knowledge, even that of his offshore accounts in Panama, where he has amassed the funds that he siphoned from the Ukrainian people.

These details were uncovered by journalists from the Ukraine, where the investigation was broadcast on Channel One, an investigation that Poroshenko will have to promptly address.

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