FIFA 1 – Empire of Chaos 0. East vs West war for football is evident in FIFA vote

The newly reelected president of FIFA Joseph Blatter had this to say after is win…

“There are signs that do not lie: the Americans were candidates for the World Cup 2022 and they lost. As FIFA President, I would never make statements about another organization without having certainty about what is happening there.”

“To resign would mean that I am guilty, otherwise I will fight for four years against corruption.”

US = sore losers. That’s what it looks like, and that is why the entire FIFA sting operation (two days before the vote), by the United States Department of Justice and the FBI screams sore loser / bully.

FIFA is corrupt, we all know that, and we are 99.99% certain the US took full advantage of that corruption in 1994 when it hosted the World Cup. As we are sure every nation that won the event did as well…including all the “pure and good” European nations.

We are also certain that even after a democratic election to re-elect Blatter is now in the books, the US, along with its European puppets, will press harder to remove Blatter and take over FIFA so as to mould it into a properly corrupt organisation…one that does the bidding of Washington sociopaths.

Bravo to the Asian, African and other nations that voted for Blatter and did not succumb to US blackmail and pressure. You saved football for the time being. The Empire will be back, so beware.

Here is an Infograph that shows a clear East vs West struggle for world football.

FIFA Vote Infograph

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