FIFA did not understand difference between good corruption (kiss US ass) and bad corruption (don’t kiss US ass)

Oh FIFA, you should have known better.

Good corruption = World Cup 2018 in London, World Cup 2022 in Chicago, and World Cup 2026 in Seattle.

Good Corruption = Main sponsor of World Cup…Nike, ExxonMobile, and American Airlines.

Good Corruption – Bribes…oops sorry, campaign contributions and lobbying “donations” to Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush, John McCain and Lindsey Graham.

Good corruption = Sepp Blatter out. Spoiled little rich kid, son of Jordan King, Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein in as President.

Good corruption = All gambling and betting companies worldwide should register in Delaware and hold a US bank account.

Good corruption = change the name to Soccer, it’s what America wants. See how badly the DOJ wants to clean up and purify “SOCCER” in the video below.

Bad corruption = On April 20, Blatter told Russian President Vladimir Putin that politicians who are dissatisfied with Russia hosting the World Cup can stay home. Never separate sports from politics. Big mistake FIFA.

Bad corruption = Sponsors like Gazprom, Hyundai, and Adidas.

Bad corruption = Awarding World Cup 2018 to Russia. Awarding World Cup 2022 to Qatar.

Additional to their U.S. ordered raid the Swiss also feel compelled to open criminal proceedings around the 2018 and 2022 World Cup FIFA votes. The U.S. lost out against Russia and Qatar in its bid for those games and U.S. hawks still want to change that. It is not that paying bribes to be chosen for world games is unfamiliar to the U.S., but being rejected necessitates regime change at the top of the responsible organization.

Bad Corruption = Voting to suspend Israel.

Israel is facing a vote on its suspension from FIFA, due to be held on Friday at the request of Palestinians who complain about restrictions on training and competition.

Bad Corruption = Voting for Sepp Blatter as President and not the spoiled little rich kid, Son of a Jordan King, Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein in as President.

The problem with FIFA, and Sepp Blatter, was that he was not corrupt enough to be bribed into becoming a US vassal organisation, YES man.

Bad Corruption = Not awarding the World Cup 2018 to America’s number one poodle…England.

England should be given the 2018 World Cup instead of Russia, the former Uefa president Lennart Johansson has said.

Johansson, who lost the 1998 Fifa presidential election to Sepp Blatter, says the 2018 and 2022 World Cup awards should be reviewed in the light of the new corruption charges.

Johansson told the Swedish newspaper Sportbladet: “I expect they will reconsider the [World Cup] decisions. Blatter himself has said that the decision to go east wasn’t proper. I am sure the initiative will now be taken to make a new decision.”

In conclusion…

Do we really want the Washington Mafia in control of a sport they know noting about and care even less about?

Via The Saker:

No, what amazes me is the fact that only Putin seems to notice that the USA is taking yet another major step toward extending its jurisdiction worldwide. Everybody else is pretending like “no big deal”, it’s just “business as usual”. Which it is, of course, for the AngloZionists: combine a rejection of a US bid, add a Russian victory, throw in Israel and big money and you will get all of Washington in a pre-apoplectic state.

But why is everybody else humbly looking away?

Russian President Vladimir Putin is the only world leader to say it like it is, and call out America for its attempt to ruin hijack and destroy world football…sorry soccer, like it has nation states (Iraq, Ukraine, Libya, Syria, on and on…).

“We can suppose that someone did something wrong, I don’t know, but it’s already clear that the United States doesn’t have anything to do with this. These officials aren’t citizens of the United States and if some sort of event occurred, then it didn’t occur in the United States, and the United States doesn’t have anything to do with this. This is yet another clear example of [the United States] spreading its jurisdiction on other countries.”

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