Famous Russian opposition leader calls on Christians to unite (VIDEO)

“We have always protected the Christians of the world,” says Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky, founder of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, one of Russia’s most famous political figures, just issued his Christmas greetings to Western (Non-Orthodox) Christians in Russia. The theme of his Christmas speech fits with his idea of all groups within the country uniting based on their common love for Russia.

He often speaks of the three states of Russia’s history, The Russian Empire, The Soviet Union, and the modern Russian Federation, and a need to reconcile them, within the modern Russian consciousness. One eternal part of Russia’s history which can never be removed from Her, is her Orthodox Christian Faith, which has become the foundation of Russia since the Baptism of Rus’ in 988.

Eternal Russia by Glazunov

“We have always protected the Christians of the world,” says Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

Those words have proven true throughout the ages. Saint Vladimir “Equal-to-the-Apostles” of Kiev, Baptizer of All Rus’, famously sent a bodyguard of Russian warriors to the Eastern Roman Emperor called “The Varangian (Viking) Guard”, who defended the Empire during the Byzantine-Arab Wars. This began a long heritage of Russia defending Orthodox Christians in the Middle East, continuing today in Syria.

In his Christmas message below, Vladimir Zhirinovsky congratulates those minorities in Russia who celebrate on the Gregorian calendar, December 25th, as opposed to the traditional Russian Orthodox Christmas on January 7th.

Zhirinovsky is a controversial figure, beloved by many for his strong patriotic stance, and seen by others with either horror, or a quiet sense of respect, as a “radical, aggressive, and fearless presidential candidate”.

Despite the name of his party, he is ANYTHING but liberal. He openly admires the idea of a Christian Russia, as well as the Czarist period, as seen in this video when he proudly recites the Imperial anthem and prayer, “God Save the Czar”. Regardless what you think of him, it is clear he truly loves his country, even if you disagree with his vision for Russia.

It would shock many westerners when they realize this opposition figure considers himself more conservative than Putin.

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He is also a perfect example of how Western leaders, observers, and the Mainstream Media, display catastrophic errors in their understanding of Russia. Russophobes the world over constantly salivate at the idea of Putin losing an election to an opposition figure.

They fail to realize, in the unlikely event of this occurring, the victor would not be the liberal Russian unicorn they dream of, but rather, a liberal of the likes of Zhirinovsky.

“Like a millstone smashed upon the ground” as the Old Church Slavonic words go, the West would see “how mild” Putin’s words have been, if compared to the explosive Zhirinovsky.

This is a man who considers himself a “drum” to Putin’s “cello”, when asked to describe the difference between themselves. Still, some would suggest the key to understanding Zhirinovsky is to know which of his words to ignore, which to take literally, and which in turn have a greater meaning than you may think. Sometimes, if one contemplates his often eccentric speeches, they can find a surprisingly profound meaning to his words.

Zhirinovsky has also announced his intentions to run in the 2018 election, and with his track record of flamboyancy, and fiery words hidden with pearls of wisdom, it will be an interesting election indeed.

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