BREAKING: Gunman opens fire in southeast Moscow, 1 dead, hostages taken

Shooting has been reported at a confectionary facility over a business dispute, with several persons held against their will

(Sputnik) – Russian Interior Ministry reports of an unidentified gunman, who opened fire in the Menshevik confectionary factory building in southeast Moscow, claiming the life of at least one person, wounding three and taking several hostages. Local law enforcement services are currently trying to contact the attacker to negotiate.

“The conflict occurred between business entities on the basis of property disputes at around 9:13 a.m., at Ilovaiskaya street, house 20, building 1. One of the participants wounded the other one. The victim died. The police are taking measures to detain the suspect in the shooting,” a representative of Russia’s Interior Ministry stated, as quoted by the RIA Novosti news agency, adding that several people have been taken hostage.

The police have cordoned off the area and are trying to contact the attacker to negotiate.

The gunman is allegedly the former owner of the factory, who confronted the present owner, the Interfax news agency reports, citing its police sources.

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