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Erdogan transferring militants. Conflict erupts between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

*****News Topic 47*****

Reports Turkey is transferring Syrian militants to Azerbaijan as hostilities against Armenia increases.

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Daniel Martin
Daniel Martin
September 27, 2020

Turkey under Erdogan has become one of the most destabilizing security factors on the entire Eurasian landmass in the past decade. And i believe sooner or later that Erdogan’s provocations could trigger some catastrophic events that he will not be able to maneuver around like he is use to. These events could have devastating consequences for Turkey as a nation. Erdogan has an incredible talent to antagonize both allies and enemies against him in a record time.

September 28, 2020

Erdogan has shown to be an inept fool who thinks he can play the big game by involving Turkey in Syria, Libya, Greece and now Azerbaijan. Meanwhile the Turkish economy is imploding and he thinks that somehow trying to turn the people attention with these wars is going to keep him in power. Erdogan is not walking on a tightrope but on a knife’s edge and one wrong move and even Turkey’s territorial integrity will come into question. He thinks that he has the west in his pocket and has no choice but to rescue him. I doubt that will happen. In fact, since… Read more »

Andy Antippas
September 28, 2020

Still looking for info on Kurds moving up to help the Armenians.

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