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Dysfunction in the Olympic Movement

Alan Dershowitz, the acclaimed US legal academic, is fond of noting the proverbial if the shoe is on other foot test – to see who is and isn’t sincere in their convictions. This matter relates to the call to have Russia formally banned from the next Summer and Winter Olympics. The same is even more applicable to those who don’t favor any Russians competing under the Olympic flag as authorized neutral athletes.

The British head of World Athletics, Sebastian Coe, brazenly supports a ban on all Russian track and field athletes, until it can be firmly established (in his view) that they’re clean. Coe’s take has been widely reported in Western mass media, with little, if any second guessing of the hypocrisy he exhibits.

Despite missing three consecutive drug tests, American sprinter Christian Coleman, was allowed to compete at this past World Athletics Championships. It’s quite doubtful that any Russian would be allowed the benefit given to Coleman. As is true with a number of other sports, there’re credible reports indicating that World Athletics has an inconsistent worldwide drug testing regimen.

A few years ago, an ESPN “Outside the Lines” segment (aired at an early Sunday morning low ratings time slot), noted that some top Jamaican track and field athletes have regularly missed drug tests, as a Jamaican whistleblower on this issue has been castigated in her country. (Pardon me for not having a transcript of that show.)

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Olivia Kroth
December 20, 2019

Dysfunction – yes, and that is even an understatement. If WADA will ban the Russian sportspeople from participating, the whole Olympic movement will fall apart. Without the Russians, there is no true competition at all because the Russians are the best sportspeople in so many disciplines. Without them, the whole thing becomes meaningless.

Reply to  Olivia Kroth
December 20, 2019

I think Russophobia is so strong in the West, that they can’t see the hypocrisy in their own position. They also won’t care or see anything wrong with Russia not participating. It is nauseating.

Reply to  Ugh...
December 20, 2019

Of course you’re right. Not being able to see, or even being concerned about their own failings (including Deep State weaponization of the official media) is a hallmark of the current western mindset. But the networks are going to see more and more slippage of Olympic viewing ratings (lost advertising revenue) due to the boredom factor attendant to not having Russia participate. And because the only voices that matter in America anymore are corporate voices, THAT is what will eventually turn this latest bit of idiocy around.

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