DPR leader Zakharchenko meets with captured Ukraine troops. Great men always hold frame, even during war [Video]

DPR (Donetsk People’s Republic) Prime-Minister Zakharchenko meets with captured Ukraine troops before releasing them to go home.
This video is a primer for all men on how to hold frame and show grace during times of war.
Remember to turn on the captions for this video (English and German subtitles available)

Zakharchenko is a true leader and impressive military strategist who has lead his troops to a string of victories over a larger, NATO funded, Ukraine army.
Watching the way he interacts and speaks with these captured troops is beyond impressive. European and American citizens desperately need leaders like this, instead of the snivelling, corrupt, puppet beta men currently running the show.
I have hunch that the bloated Brussels elite probably watch this video in disgust, jealously and a bit of hidden envy…Red pill men have that effect on their blue pill counterparts.

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