Time for European citizens to fund the Ukraine junta according to EC President Jose Manuel Barroso [blankchat]

  • Eight years of economic austerity was not enough.
  • Crippling taxes on property and home was not enough.
  • Deposit account haircuts was not enough.
  • Thirty percent unemployment and 50% youth unemployment was not enough.
  • 500 Euro monthly salaries was not enough.
  • 20% sales tax was not enough.

Now Europe’s unelected EC President, and US/CIA puppet, wants all European citizens to start funding the Ukraine nazi government in its campaign to kill its own citizens. Let’s not forget that this hooligan army (already equipped with German, Swedish and Polish tanks, weapons and mercenaries) is getting its ass kicked by the people of Novorussia.

From the ITAR TASS news agency:

European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso said on Saturday following his talks with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko in Brussels that the European Union was ready to increase financial aid for conflict-hit Ukraine.

“More than half a billion euros in loans and 250 million euros in grants have already been mobilized by the European Commission as part of this package,” the president of the European Commission said.

“Over one billion more (in loans) could be released in the coming months and we are ready to consider further financial assistance should additional needs be identified by the IMF during its next review mission,” Barroso said after the talks with the Ukrainian leader.

So European citizens will fork over money to Brussels, which will in turn LOAN their citizen’s money to Ukraine to fund a losing war…all the while knowing that Ukraine will never pay the debt back.

Of course when the bill is due, the very same Brussels elite will collect on those loans. European citizens will never see their money returned to them,…Barroso and company will become a very rich in the process.

Europe has no leadership. People like European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso are lapdogs sitting under their masters table, waiting for scraps of bread to fall onto their plate from the planned fracking and IMF resource pillaging that was hoped for Ukraine.

Now that this get rich quick scheme hatched by the elite .0001% has gone terribly wrong (thank you brave men of Novorussia), it’s time to cry like a bunch of babies, and of course blame Putin, who essentially did nothing but sit back and let the clowns in Brussels and Kiev hang themselves with their monster sized egos and over ambitious lust for power.

So Barroso, in typical Brussels Oligarch fashion, will once again make his subjects (European citizens) pay for the nazi terror campaign in East Ukraine, knowing full well that Europeans will take no course of action against their owners leaders.

And when this new military push by the army of Ukraine (funded European taxpayers) gets beaten back by the Novorussian population, Barosso will simply do what all western leaders and MSM outlets have so eloquently done since this tragedy they manufactured started, they will blame Putin.


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August 30, 2014

RT @redpilltimes: Time for European citizens to fund Ukraine junta according to EC President Barroso [blankchat]

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