As Ukraine junta army suffers massive defeats, main stream media is scrambling to save face by making up yet another Russian invasion

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

Its getting old. Its getting pathetic. The main stream media is looking as shamed and as defeated as the nazi army they invested so much time and effort supporting.

Let’s just clear up two things:

  1. If Russia really did want to invade Ukraine, they would have done it already, and in (all joking aside) two days would have taken the entire country all the way to Lviv. Everyone, including NATO, knows this.
  2. No country in their right mind would invade another country with 10 troops and 5o some banged up trucks. That is not how invasion and war is done. The US did not invade Iraq with a hundred white trucks and 20 tanks. Invasions are done with massive airstrikes, followed by a huge movement of tanks, heavy artillery and tens of thousands soldiers. NONE of this is happening in Ukraine.

What we have in Ukraine is a civil war, with the main stream media trying desperately to mask the Ukraine armies losses as a Russian invasion.

Believe me, if Russia invaded Ukraine the entire planet would know it. Their are no little green men, this is Disney movie fantasy scripting in order to feed the imagination of a Facebook zombie like US and EU population unaware that their own government is actively sponsoring an openly nazi regime in Kiev. 

The entire west is hiding behind their immense fuck ups with a blame Putin meme. Its ridiculous and childish, but what else could be expected from a community organiser, hipster President Obama.

Shame on the New York Times. Shame on the BBC. Shame on the Guardian. Shame on the Huffington Post. Shame on Business Insider. All these publications (and more) are on record as supporting nazism in Europe. It is that simple.

Here are the symbols that the Ukraine battalions wear on their uniforms:


The real facts about the entire civil war were not being reported by The NYT, The Guardian, BBC or Business Insider. These publications were once again (in the great tradition of Iraqi WMDs, Syrian sarin gas and MH17) reporting fairytale stories of a Ukraine army marching to victory all the way to Donetsk.

Stories like these below from the New York Times have now become comical works of fiction.

We are still waiting for the NYT editors to write up a piece proving that Saddam did indeed have weapons of mass destruction.

To get an honest and accurate breakdown of what is happening in East Ukraine, then one only has to turn to news sources like The Vineyard of the Saker, Moon of Alabama, Rock Solid Politics and Voltaire Net.  You can also follow @BradCabana ( for an excellent and balanced breakdown of tweets and SIT REPS in East Ukraine.

These news sources did, and continue to do, an exceptional job of reporting the facts on the ground as they are happening, They provide honest coverage of a civil war between the men of the Donbass and a nazi regime looking to appease a blood thirsty, and oil hungry, neo-con master embodied by cookie carrying Victoria Nuland.

Here is a short breakdown of what is really happening:

  • The city Ilovaisk has been freed and is now in the control of the Novorussian army.
  • To the north of Debalcevo, the self-defense forces delivered an unexpected blow to the Junta, towards the north-west, with the result that the forward units were able to move to the vicinity of Severodonetsk.
  • The situation has become precarious for the Junta in the area of ​​Novoazovsk and Mariupol.
  • The Ukrainian regular army and the punitive battalions are suffering a catastrophic defeat to the south of Donetsk.
  • In the north of Donetsk the Junta seems absolutely exhausted, only pretending that the failed offensive is proceeding via the SRGs’ forces and continuing shelling; whereas the self-defense Militia forces managed to start an offensive towards Uglegorsk
  • The Junta offensive against Lugansk failed. The junta has been driven off from Hryaschevatoe. The self-defense militia forces have already started an offensive against Lutugino and Chast’e.

Rock Solid Politics explains the situation as it unfolds in more colorful terms…

The situation is turning from bad to worse in Ukraine for that country’s government. Its policy of flashy pincer movements to try and capture high profile objectives for media consumption has come to its natural conclusion – utter failure.

Ukraine has lost most of its operational air force to missiles, and has seen entire brigades of men wiped out along salients located near the Russian border.

Rather than recognize what should have been the obvious, the Ukraine government continued with the policy of “not giving one inch” and remained in place, trying all the time to crush the will to defend by massive artillery strikes on cities. However, just like Hitler did to his Generals, notably the 6th in Stalingrad, the Ukraine government refused to give ground to a more favorable position. The result of that somewhat reckless decision is now the same result Hitler found – encircled forces. At the time of this post there are 9 encircled formations of Ukraine troops with an estimated total strength of 20,000. For an army the size of Ukraine’s, this number represents a decisive loss. What makes matters worse is the knowledge that the units now trapped, and the ones trapped prior to this and already eliminated, represent the entire core of Ukraine’s professional army.

And the final outcome for Ukraine, NATO and Novorussia…

Firstly, it appears that although there are peace or cease fire talks ongoing, they are likely for show at best. Secondly it means that Ukraine will cease to function as a country. Its already desperate financial position will be crippled by the loss of one half of the country – the most resource rich part. Thirdly it means that Ukraine will become landlocked and essentially a new “pocket – like” area. If NATO were to move into this area, they would be surrounded on three sides by Russia, Novorossyia, and Belarus. It would be indefensible. Therefore, Ukraine, or what’s left of it, turns into an economically barren no mans land between East and West.

There you have it, the reality of what may go down as the most important fight in Europe since WWII.

Meanwhile, where are the MH17 air traffic control tapes confiscated by Kiev and the black boxes under investigation in the UK. Only one country, to date, continues to press on for this information, Russia.

Various inside sources claim that Putin showed Ukraine President “Porky” Poroshenko hi res photos of the downing of MH 17.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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