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Donald Trump is a realist. His speech was all about problem solving

Donald Trump is a realist. His speech was all about problem solving

Inauguration speeches are supposed to be about how perfect America is.

Inauguration speeches are also supposed to be about how American can be even more perfect under the leadership of the new President.

Inauguration speeches are supposed to be pompous, vague and full of platitudes.

Donald Trump shattered each of these expatiations in a speech that appealed to reality rather than some cartoon image of an America where Superman is in charge, the rivers flow with coca-cola and happy endings are there at the start.

Trump spoke to people’s discontent and that is a politician’s job, assuming democracy has any real meaning.

America wasn’t lionised as a kind of North Korean style perfect state; it was spoken of as a state with tremendous potential that many generations of politicians have let go to waste.

It’s hard not to understand that as an objective truth, as any large nation not living up to its potential would have similar problems.

Donald Trump’s speech was all about specific problems he intends to fix. It was the speech of a pragmatic problem solver not an ideologue.

This is why Trump was comfortable spouting classic socialist themes about high employment, industrial growth, good education, safety for the young and the vulnerable, combining them with traditional conservative themes of patriotism, sovereignty and respect for the internal affairs of foreign states.

In many ways it was FDR meets Robert Taft.

Ronald Reagan’s shining city on the hill, overlooked a rust belt in a state of decline.

Bill Clinton’s young optimism was underscored by what Ross Perot described as the “giant sucking sound” of jobs being taken abroad.

George W. Bush claimed to speak for God, but for the people of Iraq, he was the agent of the Devil.

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Obama spoke of change and he delivered, so long as the change in question was regime change.

It’s nice to have a dose of pragmatism from Donald Trump.

Frankly, if he can deliver even half of his promises, he will be a better leader than most of his recent predecessors.

Blind ideology has been replaced with realism. Dogma has been replaced by a clear analysis of when left is right and right is correct. America the god-state has been replaced by America, the land of great potential.

It truly is a shame that the fake stream media have turned so many against Trump before he has even had a chance to get comfortable in his Oval Office chair.

The man clearly wants to govern without fear or favour. His opponents are dead set on portraying him as a divisive figure. He strikes me as the opposite. It’s the job of opponents of the proparazzi to highlight this so long as it remains the case.

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