Donald Trump versus The Democrats: Regicide of the man who would be king

Donald Trump is not the most corrupt President in recent memory, far from it. Trump is in fact one of the more honest one’s, so honest, he talks and acts like an ordinary person might, were such a person to be thrust into a position of extreme responsibility and power.

Barack Obama was part of more scandals than Richard Nixon or Bill Clinton and the latter two were deeply scandalous themselves. The difference is that Nixon had many elements of the deep state and press working against him, where Obama sat in front of a well oiled deep state machine that backed him up every step of the way as well as a mainstream media that never gave much attention to anything controversial coming out of the Obama White House.

Bill Clinton was simply caught red handed in a deeply embarrassing lie about a deeply immoral act. By contrast, Obama was always more professional in his style of corruption.

Trump is none of these things, he’s totally free of the smooth, almost android like manner of Barack ‘Super-Lawyer’ Obama and he’s not as cunning nor almost metaphysically angry as was ‘Tricky Dick’ Nixon. He’s also not as overtly sleazy as ‘Slick Willy’ Clinton.

As for Trump’s policies, he’s not the first Republican to want to cut taxation, he’s not the first populist to want to bring back industry, he’s not the first man who campaigned for peace but still occasionally bombs in the name of war (think Obama or even a compromised JFK in respect of the CIA orchestrated Bay of Pigs) and he’s not the first POTUS to engage in the culture wars, certainly not the first Republican.

So why are they going after Trump if nothing he is not doing, saying or failing to do is revolutionary in the context of American politics?

It’s a vendetta, pure and simple. 

Hillary and Bill Clinton have turned the Democratic party into a machine so corrupt, so well oiled with slime, so sinister and so petty, that it will stop at nothing to bring down a President who took the White House away from the ‘anointed Hillary’.

The fact that Trump said some insulting things to Hillary both during debates and throughout the campaign, made the Clintons all the more angry. Trump ‘wasn’t suppose to’ say about Hillary Clinton what everyone else in America including her more worldly supporters were thinking, primarily that she was crooked, dishonest and had engaged in illegal and unethical activities.

But because Trump did say it, the Clinton gloves came off and they came off with a vengeance and that is what this is all about: stone cold vengeance.

No one should be so naive as  to believe that the Democrat’s fear that Trump is breaching the minutiae of obscure protocol, is motivating them to embark on a glorious crusade for justice. They had plenty of time to do such thingswith Clinton and Obama and frankly with George W. Bush over the biggest scandal in recent US history, going to a war on a complete pack of lies.

In the campaign they called Trump every nasty name in the book, now that he’s in power they’re using legalistic language to do the same.

This is not about justice, it’s about the modern day version of regicide.

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Lou Stools
Lou Stools
September 21, 2017

The LOONY-LEFT- including the CROOKED CLINTONS… •A L L• smell like raw cauliflower farts.

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