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Donald Trump unexpectedly blocks release of Democrats ‘rebuttal’ memo

Concerns over classified information being exposed given as the cause as Trump offers the Democrats the opportunity to revise and resubmit their document

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Democrat hypocrisy appears to have been stopped cold by President Trump in the run-up to their releasing their own “memo” intended to rebut and play down the claims about inappropriate and illegally gained FISA warrants based on an unverified document by a former MI6 agent who was hired to do opposition research for the Clinton campaign. The President refused to allow the Democrat memo to be released in its current form.

The Democrat leadership has been vehemently trying to block, prevent and now, rebut the summary document prepared by Representative Devin Nunes, in which the case is strongly made that the procedures followed for obtaining at least four FISA Court warrant to surveil Carter Page were abused willfully and illegally by the Director of the FBI James Comey and by others determined to find something wrong or illegal with the successful election of Donald Trump to the Presidency.

The day the Nunes memo was released, the by-line used by the Democrat party leadership was that the document “compromised national security” in its content, but this is not true. The memo was declassified by the order of the President, and as one can read here, there is certainly nothing written in the document that refers in any way to any issues concerning national security.

On the other hand, though, the Democrat rebuttal draft appears to have multiple problems in its present form, because in it there are multiple sources and methods discussed that would be problematic to release to the general public. President Trump noted this as he called the Democrats’ bluff as well:

However, as noted here, this refusal to release does NOT constitute an effort by the Trump Administration to cover its own tracks, at least not apparently.  The President has requested this document be redacted into a form that will allow its release, and he has indicated his inclination to release the Democrat memo when it is suitable for release.

Although much of American politics is truly the debate of the insane with the deaf, dumb and blind, it seems rather difficult to not see that the Democrats are once again making hypocrites out of themselves.  The real amazing thing about how they are doing this remains their blatantly obvious tactic, and how they seem to honestly believe the unbelievable and easily disprovable things they actually say.

The Duran’s Alexander Mercouris has offered excellent analysis of the Nunes document and more, and it is very plain to see that there has a serious breach of integrity on the part of the Democrats, and their defense is only something that works for the people that refuse to examine the actual information.

It is extremely instructive to do two things here: Read the Nunes Memo itself, and watch this video clip below, and listen very carefully to Rep. Pelosi. It does not take a mental giant to see that someone is not on this planet.

The Democrats are playing to their base based on the notion that they are so ignorant and without inclination to do some research for themselves, that all they need to do is reinforce the mantra “GOP / Republicans = BAD!” and their people will simply believe it. The Dems have a pretty good chance at succeeding at this as has been written about here. Here, the Democrats have taken things farther, actually putting sensitive information in the document to force Trump to tell them to redact it so they can complain that he is hiding something.  Again, the base will believe this, as so many people remain convinced that Trump is nothing but a swine anyhow.

It is possible though that the Democrat Party’s window of opportunity is shrinking. While things in the United States are not perfect, they have improved, and as more and more people start seeing the results of that improvement through higher pay, more jobs and much more optimism, it is going to probably get a little tiresome to hear the Democrats complain and while about Trump being a horrible person, when the surrounding context says that his policies are actually benefiting everyone, including these lefties.

In such a situation, the DNC is pinned and possibly desperate to find any way to save some place for their party in its present form, and the only way to do that is to oppose anything Trump does and to try and lay political traps for him.

It worked on other GOP leaders.  But Trump keeps springing the traps, and it looks like he did the same with this one.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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