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Did a British Parliament Committee Heed Our Advice on Russia?

One last thought about the House of Commons Defence Committee report I discussed in this post.

I have a personal interest in the House of Commons Defence Committee report. I gather several of the witnesses to the Committee denounced me as a Kremlin propagandist, referring to my analysis of the Litvinenko Inquiry Report as an example of my work.

Whilst I obviously don’t know this for a fact I hope some at least of the members of the Committee did read my Litvinenko piece. It was shot through with concerns about the profound ignorance that the Litvinenko Inquiry Report showed in discussing basic facts about Russia and the disastrously narrow range of expert advice about Russia that the Litvinenko Inquiry sought.  I also pointed out that Britain has no lack of genuine experts on Russia.  The problem is their opinions are never sought.

I was therefore very interested to see the Defence Committee saying the same things.  It too expressed very serious concerns about the profound ignorance of Russia there is in Britain.  It too talked about the poor quality of expert advice the British authorities are getting about Russia.  It too also spoke of the urgent need to broaden the range of advice on Russia that the British authorities are getting.

Did what I say in my piece about the Litvinenko Inquiry Report influence the Defence Committee in that direction? Obviously I don’t know but I would like to think so.

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