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Democrat liberal MELTDOWNS at RGB’s passing [Video]

The commentator of this video from LIberal Hivemind makes an extremely salient point: President Trump has not governed as a “conservative ideologue” might. While it is true that Donald Trump is the most pro-LIFE president in history, he is also one of the most liberal, having supported same-sex marriage since before ever running for President, and being very liberal on this matter, making the wise exception in regards to so-called “transgender people” serving in the military.

Further, as Andrew McCarthy noted in his recent piece, Roe v. Wade has never come up for a Supreme Court review since that decision was handed down in 1973. Heinous? Yes. But the fact remains that we have had many very conservative justices on the Supreme Court since that year and to date, while Roe v. Wade has been nibbled at in various ways, it has not yet come to The Big Test.

(Note, please that the commentator pays his respects to Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg like a true conservative gentleman, which most of us are, even with people we disagree with. The Democrats? Well, you just saw… not so much.)

Why this issue is such a flashpoint for women I will never fully understand, since I am not a woman, but I will say this: It does not matter, ladies; you are doing it very wrong. Your rebellion is only ensuring your own isolation and insanity.

The feminist movement has done some things right; in fact, it has done many things right and it points out issues that still make me scratch my head about “why” we do things the way we do in the US. Living in Russia, I discovered that feminism as it is known in the USA is reviled by most women here, who see the American movement as women “trying to be men instead of being happy with being women.”

Yet, Russian women get several years of maternity leave and are very well taken care of and supported by the government. For Russia, children are the most valuable asset the country has, and this is reflected even through Russian popular culture.

So back to the American liberals, Maybe they have a point. If President Trump makes the Court 6-3 conservative, then maybe Roe v. Wade can face its test. However, considering the behavior of some of the women you see in this video, it might be that for them, pregnancy is a straw man (yes, that is a pun) because no man in their right mind would approach any of these ladies for a date.

The added drama of Supreme Court Justice at least adds a little more spice to the campaign. However, it was already pretty dang spicy to begin with. We may all need some Tums periodically as we go through all this nonsense.

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