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David Icke and E. Michael Jones on Infowars

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Something’s strange on Infowars. In the last week, Alex Jones chose to entertain view points critical of Zionist policies [domestic and foreign], especially with regard to Globalism, albeit Jones never failed to remind his viewers that he’s pro-Israel.

On November 30th, Jones interviewed American writer, media commentator, and editor of Culture Wars Magazine E. Michael Jones who talked about the Jewish influence behind the pornography industry and its normalization, talked about the lgbtq mafia and its attack on traditional values. Michael Jones also brought up the episode in which IDF forces invaded the Palestinian city of Ramallah and took control over the local broadcast station to air porn. A listener called in to tie Epstein and Maxwell to the honey-trap and blackmail program of the Mossad, pointing out that Israel started to smuggle US military technology to China in the early 90s, when Israeli-Sino relations were formally opened up. As far as I know, Alex Jones has yet to condemn or criticize Israel for beefing up the Chicoms as he calls them [the Chinese Communists] with military tech, and never criticized the pro-Israel lobby for its relentless assault on free speech in the USA and in the entire Western World, on top of the war propaganda. The full interview with E. Michael Jones is available here.

And today a brand new interview, two hours long, was put out, this time with David Icke. His new book The Trigger: The Lie That Changed the World was discussed. Many subjects were tackled in the interview: like the Green New Deal / Climate Change cult, meant to justify authoritarian centralization of power and the dystopian neo-malthusian, Globalist program of population control; the transgenderism movement meant to “confuse and then fuse the genders” – which will create the post-human society, in which sterile, brainwashed, genderless humans will be plugged into the AI grid; the satanic, pedophilia crime rings of the aristos and plutocrats; and other issues…

Like on separate instances, Alex Jones tried to sell his [baseless] idea that the Rothschilds are out to cook Netanyahu’s goose. Icke had none of it, and shot down that theory, saying that it’s a lie, including the pseudo-opposition between the Israeli right and the agenda of George Soros. Icke insisted that Israel is funding both the left and the right – which is obviously true, given the fact that Israel First is the policy of the United States irrespective of the POTUS’ political color [democrat or republican].

Icke referred to Greta Thunberg as a child exploited by the powers that be in order to push a political [not a climate] agenda. Expanding on the transgenderist scheme, Icke said it wasn’t about protecting the rights of trans people and protecting them from harm, because if that were the case – all the trans people who regretted having sex change surgery, their point of view would be taken into account and be welcomed in the dialog. Instead, these people get attacked and smeared by the lgbtq lobby, just like Jewish people who criticize Israel, and their point of view is treated as heresy. Icke’s book also goes back to the attacks on 9/11, exposing the handful of different actors behind it – one of whom Alex Jones never mentions since he shilled out years ago to that same geopolitical actor.

The core, historical argument David Icke raises, though, concerns the cult of Sabbatai Zevi, which he claims branched out into various countries, successfully infiltrating religions [the Abrahamic ones] and perverting their doctrines and institutions. Icke stresses that Wahhabism, Zionism, Christian Zionism, and the Catholic Church [to name a few] are beholden to the Sabbatian cult. David Icke invited Jewish people to read his book first and foremost, to better understand historical and contemporary events. The full interview is available here. Whether one agrees with these arguments or not, may the principle of audi alteram partem always prevail.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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Barbell Thomas
Barbell Thomas
December 4, 2019

Jones has these people on to talk on these sensitive issues only when he’s in trouble. When he feels the establishment is out to get him. I don’t think he’ll change his tune, though. He thinks of himself as a Jew, just because his kids are half Jewish. He thinks of himself as a Jew persecuted by leftwing Nazis. He’s super annoying with all hi supplement plugs all the time.

T. Fitzpatrick
August 2, 2021

Jones and Icke—two disinformation artists pretending to be on our side.

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