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CYNTOIA BROWN: The Rebranding Of A Teenage Murderess

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

In August 2004, Cyntoia Brown murdered an innocent man, shooting him through the back of his head as he lay sleeping. Released from prison this August after being granted clemency by the Governor of Tennessee, she has been transformed into an advocate for exploited women and girls, a passionate opponent of sex trafficking. Is this a road to Damascus conversion or a genuine case of rehabilitation? Sadly, it is neither, her rebranding is yet another example of the mainstream media gaslighting the public on a massive scale in response to an intensive campaign by ill-informed celebrities who took Brown’s damseling act at face value.

The most disconcerting thing about the new Cyntoia Brown is that she looks like a young Kamala Harris. And if anything, she is even more dishonest.  So how did her premature release come about? Here is the partial text of a petition. “Clemency for Cyntoia Brown” was started by Kenosha B on, it garnered 374,513 signatures. (Formatting has been removed).

“Cyntoia Brown was only 16 years old when she received a prison sentence of 51 years for first-degree murder. She murdered a man named Johnny Allen, who had been sexually abusing her. She was a victim of sex trafficking and was later sold to the man she had killed. She feared for her life and believed that he would kill her first, so she killed him before he could kill her….It’s so many young girls & women of all races & ages, are going through things like this on a daily basis & not by choice. Sex trafficking is happening everyday & destroying our people. Throwing people in a prison for the rest of their life, after suffering so much pain already, is not going to solve this problem…This is a very sad story, especially due to the fact that she was only a child when it happened. Going through the things she went through at such a young age is very traumatizing. Physically, mentally, and emotionally, no one can ever understand what that does to a child’s mindset. If she didn’t build up the courage and take a risk to save herself, she would still be going through the same thing or sadly, dead…Our laws really need to change to stop letting people like Johnny get away with things like this. Cyntoia needed help after what she went through, not her life taken away from her once again. Sign this petition calling for her re-trial! ”

Yes, Kenosha asked for clemency “and” a retrial.

There is so much disinformation here it is difficult to know where to begin.

Cyntoia Mitchell had a terrible start in life, but was put into foster care with Ellenette Brown,  who adopted her, a woman who can only be described as exemplary. In spite of this, she became a juvenile delinquent, running away from home to spend time with a man known as Kut-Throat or Kut. This may sound sinister, but his real name does not: Garion McGlothen.

According to Brown, McGlothen raped her multiple times. He also gave her a gun to keep in her purse, which begs three questions: does a rapist really give his victim a lethal weapon; why did she shoot Allen rather than him; and why did she not report McGlothen for these multiple rapes, even after she was herself arrested?

McGlothen was shot dead in March 2005 aged just 24. Like Brown, he appears to have had a hard life, but as a none too attractive black male and small time criminal, he warrants scant sympathy from celebrities, white or black.

In common with most US states, prostitution is illegal in Tennessee; whores and their clients can face harsh sanctions. Also, the age of consent is eighteen, so technically, if McGlothen had sex with Brown, that was statutory rape. Johnny Allen was nearly 44 when he met her, so he too would have been guilty of statutory rape if the two had actually had sex. Brown said Allen agreed to pay her $150 for sex, way above the market rate for a street whore. However, the evidence, including her own testimony, indicates they did not actually have sex. There is another issue here, when she was arrested, Brown told the police her date of birth was January 19, 1985, making her 19 years old.  This led to her being arraigned as an adult. When the authorities realised she was only 16, she was transferred to juvenile court where her lawyers put her in pigtails to make her look like a 12 year old.

As Brown lied to the police about her age, there is no reason to believe she didn’t lie to Allen, especially as she has lied about everything else. She did not testify at her trial, probably because she would have been exposed as a shameless liar under cross-examination.

Had she testified, she might also have been asked about an incident that happened a week after her arrest in which she assaulted a female nurse and threatened to shoot her because she had been refused permission to use the telephone. This information is included in the transcript of the judgment of Brown’s failed April 2009 appeal, yet although it has been publicly available for a decade, none of her supporters appears to have found it or cared if they did.

The best evidence suggests that Allen was a lonely man who picked up a waif and allowed her to stay with him, perhaps hoping at some point she would agree to share his bed. Instead, she waited until he was asleep, murdered him, then robbed him of $172 and stole his truck. In other words, this was a clear cut case of premeditated first degree murder. Brown’s only mitigation was her age, and it wasn’t much of one, because every reasonably intelligent 16 year old knows murder is beyond the pale. She is said to be exceptionally bright.

In 2011, Brown was the subject of a full length documentary, “Me Facing Life…” which although painting a sympathetic portrait of her, could not totally hide her innate coldness.

In May 2018, she addressed the state parole board tearfully saying she did “a horrible thing”, something she couldn’t undo, but in October 2019, by which time she was married, she told the BBC “It took me years to realise I was a trafficking victim”.

On December 5, Joy Ramirez of reported that in her autobiography, ghost written by journalist Bethany Mauger, Brown devoted a mere two sentences to her crime. “Free Cyntoia” is on Amazon. Be sure not to buy it. Even without reading it, its message is clear. Here are some Google headlines:

“How The Justice System Failed Cyntoia Brown” – Yahoo Finance

“Cyntoia Brown uncovered systemic flaws in the justice system” –

“Cyntoia Brown and how the U.S. criminal justice system fails …” –

In short, everyone is to blame except her. Evidence and facts don’t matter. Call her a victim of sex trafficking, and how can she not be forgiven? Shooting a sleeping man in the head then stealing his money and his truck, counts for nothing. Heck, what’s a girl to do?

We can only hope that Brown doesn’t murder anyone else, and that neither the public nor especially the criminal justice system allows itself to be gaslighted by Cyntoia Brown Mark II, Chrystul Kizer, who is shortly to stand trial for murdering a man, setting fire to his home and bragging about it on social media.

Having read this far it will come as no surprise to you that Brown is calling for Kizer’s release.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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Magilla Gorilla
Magilla Gorilla
December 28, 2019

Lovely story. I probably would have shot him myself, just out of principle.

Dan Corolo
Dan Corolo
January 10, 2020

I am familiar with the case. Not one shred of doubt she murdered that man whilst he slept. There was never one shred of evidence he raped her or abused her in any way. In fact the evidence suggests it was the opposite. Your right, he was a lonely man who had little success with women. How tragic he bumped in to the vicious-lying murderer.

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