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Crime, Punishment And Non-Punishment In The USA

There is a legal principle that the punishment should fit the crime, more specifically that the sentence should be proportional to the offence – a man shouldn’t be executed for shoplifting, nor receive probation for serial murder.

For some crimes, the actual penalty may be far greater than that imposed by the court. A professional person such as a doctor or accountant may be struck off and lose his livelihood over a trivial theft. As reported here recently, even a non-crime may result in loss of career, especially when imbeciles are in charge. In the United States especially, people may suffer Draconian penalties for trivial crimes or a virtual slap on the wrist for a fairly serious one. Here are three examples of women so treated, the first who committed a crime that warrants serious prison time; the other two who should at worst be fined, but because of hysteria over so-called racism find themselves in extremely deep water.

On June 18, 2018, a 911 call reported that Shelly Korous had been attacked in her Indiana home roping in her young son as an unwitting witness. The man responsible for this attack also sexually violated her; he was identified as her estranged husband Jack Rebolledo. If convicted, an attack of that nature would have landed him behind bars for several years, even if he was paroled,  but there was never any chance of him being convicted because he was out of state at the time.

Women who cry rape falsely always receive a lesser punishment than an actual rapist, and rightly so, but they should receive some punishment, and in a case with aggravating features like this, that punishment should be measured in years. In England, Jennifer Day was given a two year sentence for a similar though less contrived false allegation of rape. In dismissing her appeal, Mr Justice Henriques said an immediate prison sentence was inevitable for a false allegation of this magnitude. Shelly Korous was given a one year diversion, which means basically she must be a good girl by not abusing drugs or alcohol for a whole year. Totally unreal.

By contrast, two women who have become known as “Karens” have been dealt with severely.  The Central Park Karen, a woman named Amy Cooper (pictured), called the police on a man who freaked her out, claiming he’d threatened her. He videoed the incident, and in short order she lost her job and found herself in court later in the year.

Because she was white and the man she falsely accused was black, we saw the de rigueur spectacle of everything being viewed through the prism of race, however, this is clearly a woman who was unhinged. No man of any race should share an empty elevator with her.

A more recent incident saw Miya Ponsetto, the so-called SoHo Karen, extradited from California to New York to face criminal charges when what was clearly needed was a grovelling  apology. This incident, which was also videoed, saw Miss Ponsetto falsely accusing the 14 year old son of a somewhat famous jazz musician of stealing her phone in a hotel lobby. The phone belonged to the boy; she had apparently left hers in a cab, an honest if embarrassing error. She has now been charged with no fewer than four felonies including endangering the welfare of a child and grand larceny. Seriously?

Unlike like Amy Cooper, the Puerto Rican Miya Ponsetto is no shrinking violet. One can only wonder what would have been the outcome if their roles had been reversed. And if there are not more important matters for race hustling lawyers like Benjamin Crump to concern themselves with.

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January 14, 2021

Amy Cooper did nothing wrong.

Reply to  Luka-The-K9
January 15, 2021

Always an interesting view from a bunch of hardcore Texas educated “rednecks”..

Reply to  Luka-The-K9
January 15, 2021

“Rambo in TX”
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Reply to  Luka-The-K9
January 15, 2021

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