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Conspiracy Theorists Have a New Target, And It’s No Other Than Billionaire Bill Gates –

So, what if someone is trying to prepare people for an infectious disease pandemic? Well, Bill Gates is being accused of causing a pandemic right now. Yes, you read it right. Here’s the rapidly spreading Conspiracy Theory Over the past decade, Bill Gates has been warning everyone about the lack of proper preparation and systems. …

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jenny 234
jenny 234
April 27, 2020

fuck off

Thomas Nørgaard
April 27, 2020

So you finally came out of the sheep closet. Good bye

Elena Cameron
Elena Cameron
April 27, 2020

We all know that the main dream of Bill Gates is population control. Don’t you???

Olivia Kroth
April 28, 2020

Bill Gates, the Devil’s Advocate, is getting too much attention here. Who cares what this charlatan and money grabber thinks!

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