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Concerning Russia the British Establishment is out of its mind

It is official, Britain has gone bonkers.

Britain has over the last few decades transformed from a powerful maritime empire, to a post-imperial regional power which gave the world The Beatles, cool but unreliable cars, Prog Rock and then Punk Rock, to becoming something of a de-facto 51st state of the US, and now to something terribly odd.

Britain has had a long and strained relationship with Russia:  allies in the World Wars and Napoleonic wars, but enemies throughout each subsequent period between those conflicts.  Now though the things Britain says and does about Russia verge on the creepy.

Britain, whose mainstream media and state education system are quick to condemn comments about foreign cultures as ‘racist’ (even when they aren’t) is practicing state racism against Russia.

Ordinary people in Britain, who are otherwise fairly neutral, centrist and polite about politics, are thrown into fits of hysteria at the mere suggestion that Russia is something other than the backward and evil place they imagine it to be.

Of course there are many in Britain who feel the opposite, and who are perplexed at why the British state, which used to pride itself on being America’s less trigger-happen cousin, has gone so ballistic when it comes to demonising Russia.

The latest hit-piece talks about a man called Christopher Steele who once worked for the British diplomatic corps in Moscow and more recently had been in both public and private sector intelligence. If the Daily Mail is to be believed, he has run away from his home begging the neighbours to look after his cats. The implication is that Mr. Steele is afraid of big bad Russia when frankly he ought to be facing an ethics investigation in Britain, the US, and arguably both.

No one has said exactly what he is afraid of, though the Daily Mail hinting at it by saying that he had once worked with Andrey Litvinenko, the FSB defector whom the British accuse the Russians of poisoning with polonium.  Perhaps he’s actually afraid of looking silly?

This whole saga is operationally more reminiscent of Johnny English than James Bond.  Far from being smooth and sophisticated, the whole thing is a bit cartoonish.

Britain’s attitude towards Russia is  hard to understand or take seriously. However, there is a dark side.

Johnny English’s antics never hurt anyone, they only caused embarrassment. But the new breed of Russia haters in the UK Parliament, British intelligence agencies, and in the BBC and the news media, are dangerous.  I truly believe that these people mean what they say.  They have a kind of pathological hatred for Russia that is more ingrained than what I see as the crass opportunism of the anti-Russian American Deep State.

It seems former UKIP leader, Mr. Brexit himself, Nigel Farage is a lone voice of sanity when it comes to Britain’s relations with Russia. Thankfully his popularity may cut through some of the lies coming out of the mainstream political circles.

Something has really gone wrong in Britain. A country which can’t even decide if it is European or Commonwealth or one and a half-islands alone in the world, is perfectly certain that Russia is wicked.

Frankly, I’d rather have Austin Powers in charge.

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