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CNN’s Chris Cuomo broke the law with this tweet, bullying a 15 year old kid

Chris Cuomo is no stranger to saying idiotic things.

In October 2016, Cuomo (a die hard Hillary Clinton supporter) said that it was “illegal” for ordinary citizens to look at the Wikileaks Podesta’s emails…

“Remember, it’s illegal to possess these stolen documents. It’s different for the media. So everything you learn about this you are learning from us.”

This was one of many CNN lies, which has crushed the fake news network, and sent it’s TV viewer numbers to rock bottom lows.

CNN host Chris Cuomo is at it again, tweeted some very stupid, and potentially illegal threats at a 15 year old kid. This is a new low for even fake news CNN.

Cuomo tweeted, then immediately deleted the tweet, asking his followers whether he should reveal the name of the Reddit user who created the Trump-CNN wrestling video.

Cuomo wanted to deliver “political correctness” justice, by noting that the reason to expose the video creator’s name would be to humiliate and punish him, subjecting the kid to SJW harassment and cyber-bullying from liberal left trolls.

“Should CNN reveal name of Reddit user who made trump wrestling video? Had a lot of bigoted and hateful material on page and website.”

Cuomo’s tweet was in line with a threat made by CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski that was released earlier in the day.

As Zerohedge correctly points out with the help of Senator Ted CruzUnfortunately for Cuomo, Kaczynski and all of CNN for that matter, it seems they probably should have brushed up on their knowledge of extortion laws before making their thinly-veiled threats. As Ted Cruz subsequently pointed out, Georgia law (the home of CNN’s headquarters) strictly defines “theft by exortion” to include “dissemination of any information tending to subject any person to hatred, contempt, or ridicule or to impair his credit or business repute.”

Cuomo produces his show in New York so Georgia laws do not apply to him.

Enter Julian Assange, who points out that New York has it’s own protections against “coercion” and “extortion.”

CNN just committed a crime violating § 135.60 of the New York criminal code “coercion” … …

Lock him up?

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