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CENSORED: CDC Records Almost 12,000 DEATHS in 7 Months Following COVID-19 Injections

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

The U.S. CDC released more data today in their Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), a U.S. Government funded database, and now admit that they have received reports of nearly 12,000 deaths during a 7-month period since the COVID-19 shots were given emergency use authorization by the FDA last December.

This includes 997 deaths among unborn children, which is separate from the 10,991 deaths recorded where the “patient” (the one getting the shot) died.

From the 09/07/2021 release of VAERS data: Found 463,457 cases where Vaccine is COVID-19 


There are now 551,172 adverse reactions recorded out of 463,457 cases, including 9,274 permanent disabilities, 59,403 emergency room visits, 30,781 hospitalizations, and 8,831 life threatening injuries.

You will not find a single corporate media outlet reporting these government statistics, as this has to be the MOST CENSORED information in the United States.

Not only will you NOT find this information reported in the corporate media, you will find “fact checking” articles trying to debunk these statistics, by stating that the presence of these reports does not “prove causation.”

To put this in perspective, however, these recorded deaths during the last 7 months are now almost twice as many deaths as have been recorded by the CDC following vaccinations since they started recording such statistics back in 1990.

The interface for the VAERS government database allows one to search all the way back to 1901, and from January 1, 1901 through November 30, 2020, which is the last month before the COVID-19 shots were given emergency use authorization, there are a total of 6,255 deaths recorded following ALL vaccines.

From the 09/07/2021 release of VAERS data: Found 6,255 cases where the Patient Died and Vaccination Date from ‘1901-01-01’ to ‘2020-11-30’


And what is the U.S. Government’s position on these 12,000 deaths and half million injuries recorded from those who chose to receive one of these experimental injections during the last 7 months?

Go door-to-door and try to convince even more people to get them, as the pharmaceutical companies producing these shots now expand their trials to include young children and pregnant women.

If you are pregnant or have children, you do not need to wait for the results of these trials. There is plenty of data here to show how deadly these shots are.

Brushing off these statistics, which represent only a fraction of what is actually happening in the public since so few health professionals report these adverse reactions to VAERS in the first place, is most certainly a criminal act leading to genocide.

This is a non-partisan issue as not a single U.S. Governor from either a Blue or Red state has taken action to stop these injections in pregnant women or children. They are ALL accomplices to mass murder, and should be arrested and tried for these crimes.

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Liberty First
Liberty First
July 18, 2021

The whole “pandemic” was a hoax IMO, consider that 2020 cold and flu season along with human immune systems vanished. We are suppose to believe the hard sell of a naturally occurring virus in the early days, but now we are told it was most likely a lab leak, the disclosure of Gain of Function Research funded by Fauci, this “variant” and that, all meant to reinforce the story of an alleged “deadly” virus. The daily fear porn script regurgitated by every MSM outlet all meant to keep the populace submitting to the ever changing narrative in fear. But the… Read more »

Reply to  Liberty First
July 19, 2021

More here:

Comment: readers are invited to check the details carefully.

Dee Cee
Dee Cee
July 18, 2021

Yesterday I had a pleasant interaction with my neighbor, who I like, but with whom I am sure our rapport is tenuous and surficial. My guess is we would agree on very few things of substance. She was proudly telling of how her oldest son is a nearly old enough to get his first job, and he’s thinking of going to the bike shop. “He just finished getting his vaccine, so he is ready! I’m so proud of him.” I smiled willfully and commented that the bike shop is a great place to learn a skill that will stay with… Read more »

July 19, 2021

VAERS is known for undercount of deaths by 90% so the real number must be 120.000

Carlton Meyer
July 19, 2021

Is COVID a Pandemic? One interesting event occurred when some suggested that those who developed COVID vaccines share their formula with the world so other nations and companies could help produce them. The idea of waving patent rights and going generic to save tens of thousands of lives was immediately rejected by Bill Gates and Big Pharma. The CDC has great pandemic powers. Why didn’t Fauci order this done? Everyone would applaud and the Feds would save billions of dollars with cheaper vaccines. Here is a listing of TOTAL American deaths from all causes over the last few years, taken… Read more »

Martin Haak
Martin Haak
July 19, 2021

Well can’t say this so accurate since the date you have listed that Vaers started this has not ever occurred yet. Copied from your own pages .From the 09/07/2021 release of VAERS data: Found 463,457 cases where Vaccine is COVID-19 

Reply to  Martin Haak
July 22, 2021

When you open the link, it is July 9. This is the standard way the date is written all over the world outside of the U.S.–day/month/year. Perhaps an oversight from autocorrect, or maybe the writer is not from the U.S. and writes the date this way? 👍

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