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Celebrity Serial Killers

Clyde Gibson is an extremely talented man. How many people do you know who could make a violin out of paper mache? Gibson did. He made another one out of popsicle sticks. And to top it all, he created these impressive works of art with no meaningful tools. Sadly, Gibson isn’t only an extremely talented artist, he is also a monster. He is on death row in Indiana; if you want to know the details of his crimes, and you are not squeamish, check him out on Murderpedia, or better still, listen to him on YouTube speaking to Phil Chalmers live.

Chalmers runs a unique YouTube channel; his day job is befriending and interviewing serial killers to encourage them to confess to all their crimes. Gibson was convicted of three murders, and has been credibly accused of one more, but he claims and Chalmers believes his actual death toll is much higher.

Chalmers had some difficulty with the phone connection because of the current situation in the prison. In February, two correctional officers were attacked by an inmate; one of them, Gene Lasco, was stabbed to death. The dead man was a grandfather. Tymetri Campbell, who is already serving life for three murders, committed when he was 19, has been charged, and if convicted it is likely he too will face the death penalty.

Gibson spoke to Chalmers using his tablet, yes, he has his own personal mini-computer. And would you believe he also has a cat?

Recent interviewees of Phil Chalmers include Terry Blair – convicted of six murders, and Dellmus Colvin, who like Blair claims to be responsible for other, unsolved killings.

It was suggested to Mr Chalmers he might also speak to Levi Bellfield, who many believe to be responsible for the Chillenden Murders rather than Michael Stone, Britain’s longest serving miscarriage of justice prisoner. Sadly, he only interviews American serial killers. Even more sadly, he is unlikely to run out of them any time soon.

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