Caravan of illegal migrants marching towards US border, a PR stunt to test POTUS Trump

An army of young male invaders.

A walkathon for open borders.

A caravan of more than 1,000 border jumpers is traveling across Mexico toward the US southern border. Americans have no idea about the caravan and its people.

The Left’s attitude: Shut up, America, and stop complaining…

Via The Gateway Pundit

A 1500-strong army of illegal migrants is marching to the US border through Mexico this month with the blessing of the Mexican government.

The Pueblos Sin Fronteras, an international group against borders, is behind the invading army.

If you look at the make-up of the group it looks like most of the marchers are young men between the ages of 15 and 35.

Maybe 20-30% of the migrants are female.

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