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British Public Not Buying Ludicrous Anti-Trump Media Narrative

President Donald Trump walks in Lafayette Park to visit outside St. John's Church across from the White House Monday, June 1, 2020, in Washington. Part of the church was set on fire during protests on Sunday night. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

We’ve had over three years of this rubbish, the President has been accused of everything from “colluding” with Russia to obstruction of justice – ie protesting his innocence loud and often.

The tragic death of George Floyd and the widespread outrage that followed has given his enemies across a broad political spectrum even more ammunition to fire at him, but in spite of the skewed polls he is more popular than ever with the broad masses of the American public, and there are signs the brainwashing has failed dismally here too, certainly if the reaction to a recent Yahoo! News UK article is anything to  go by.

‘Looters and arsonists have it coming’: Tory MP refuses to condemn Trump’s response to protesters is credited to Andy Wells.

Desmond Swayne is the MP concerned, and he is right on the money. Like American media hacks, Wells alludes to rioters as protesters, the peaceful kind. In no particular order, here are a few dissenters from the comment section, quoted verbatim:

“So it’s ok for looters and rioters to break the law and destroy people’s livelihoods and trash people’s neighbourhoods?” – Paul

“As soon as the looting starts it just undermines all of the peaceful protesters. THEY, the protesters should be stopping the looters themselves so their voice can be heard.” – Nicholas

“Bring the army in and bring in martial law and if you break curfew shoot them dead. It isn’t protesting its an illegal shopping spree” – Gary

Shopping and then some, hundreds of cars have been stolen, including over seventy from one dealership in San Leandro, California. Wonder if anyone told Don Lemon this.

“So whats wrong with that exactly??

He ‘condemns the murder and is happy the officer is being prosecuted.’ YES thats exactly what our society is built on.

He ‘doesn’t support arson and looting’ this somehow makes him a racist, now thats confusing…” – Alan

Not that confusing, everything Trump does is racist. As is everything he doesn’t do.

“Rioters-Looters don’t equal protestors.” – ralph

Short and to the point.

“Looting and rioting is criminal, it is as simple as that. George Floyd ( a violent ex convict) has nothing to do with it. He is only being used as an excuse to do what they are doing. The only one’s that probably do care about George Floyd is his family.” – linda

Yes, George Floyd did have a violent past. But he paid his debt to society. Now hopefully the man who killed him will pay his.

“So, according to some influential people, ‘Looters and arsonists’ are Ok. Says it all. I wonder if their own places were set on fire and looted they would still back those people up, or will they call for police protection???” – Eddiehotrod

Yes Eddie, kind of do anything you wanna do!

“Today’s media is pathetic….They push their agenda instead of reporting news. When a rioter kills your family member our burns your business or property then you can give a honest comment.” – Chemical Man

Too right.

And one more:

“Far left organisations like Antifa are burning down businesses and homes owned by black people. They are a terrorist threat and must be stamped out.” – Steve

Not many people drinking Kool-Aid here.

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St. Longinus
St. Longinus
June 4, 2020

I’m not convinced the American public is as knowledgeable as the English. I do know one thing; unless people of European heritage get up off their knees and stop accepting the “collective guilt” narrative force-fed to them over the last 70 years, they will lose the countries, the system of jurisprudence and the religion their forebears fought and died to obtain. Eternal (aka never ending) vigilance is needed. The seditious and revolutionary infiltrators must be routed out and punished according to law.

Reply to  St. Longinus
June 4, 2020

Americans are stubborn, fat off the system, and stupefied by the education they’ve received over the last decade. Remember, Moses had a problem with the Israelites once he led them out of Egypt. They had 400+ years of Egyptian culture and ideological programming. Hence, no matter how many miracles they witnessed we still ended up with the Golden calf, Kora’s rebellion, and the disobedience in attacking the Philistines. 40 years of roaming the desert and circling the Promised land while the older, infected generation died out thus purging the people from the well rooted infection of Egypt before they were… Read more »

Jack Garbo
Jack Garbo
June 5, 2020

Except they were never in Egypt but Babylon, no Red Sea, no Yul Brynner, no Chuck Heston. But as you were saying…

Pip Pip and all that Rot
Pip Pip and all that Rot
June 5, 2020

I’m surprised. I thought the British public was genetically predisposed to swallow any swill thrown their way.

Last edited 10 months ago by Pip Pip and all that Rot
Jack Garbo
Jack Garbo
Reply to  Pip Pip and all that Rot
June 5, 2020

Only if it’s served in Wedgewood bowls, thank you very much.

The inevitability of Chinese china
The inevitability of Chinese china
Reply to  Jack Garbo
June 5, 2020

Not since 2003, Ducky.
‘Wedgwood moves factories to China’ 
05 Jun 2003: Waterford Wedgwood, the Irish crystal and chinaware manufacturer, announced yesterday that it was closing two of its UK factories, resulting in the loss of 1,058 jobs.

June 5, 2020

Not many people drinking Kool-Aid here.

That’s cos the morons have never heard of Agents Provocateurs!

President Trump invites Putin – and Russia – to help at G7

Protests over George Floyd’s death spread around the world and threaten American government