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British Grandma On Death Row? Yeah, Right

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Screened March 22, this is said to be the first of a series. If you are not familiar with the case and are reading this review on April Fool’s Day, yes the claim Linda Carty is innocent is indeed a joke, a sick one.

Carty isn’t British. If she is, then Cliff Richard is Indian and Richard Dawkins is Kenyan.

Although she isn’t as deranged as was Lisa Montgomery, Carty planned a similar crime, the most abhorrent crime a woman could ever commit – a foetal abduction. To that effect, she recruited a gang of miscreants to abduct Joana Rodriguez promising them the huge but imaginary cache of marijuana stashed at the home where the victim lived with two men, one her common law husband.

By the time they got round to it, the baby had been born, so after brutalising these men, Carty’s gang kidnapped him and Joana. Although baby Ray was found safe, Carty smothered the young mother in the trunk of her car with a plastic bag. That particular crime scene photograph has been obscured by the documentary makers, but if you want to see what a dead woman looks like, click here.

When Susanna Reid visited her on death row in Texas, Carty told her she is housed in a place for the worst of the worst. Which is what she is, even though like the increasingly deranged Jussie Smollett, she is still protesting her innocence.

Carty was sentenced to death in February 2002, but this is America,  remember. So where do her claims of innocence come from, apart from Carty’s own silver tongue? We are not told that here, but a decade on, Carty reached out to or was contacted by Reprieve, a so-called charity that campaigns against the death penalty. While it does do some good work, exposing torture and the like, its founder Clive Stafford Smith has absolutely no commitment to truth as far as capital cases are concerned.

In addition to echoing Carty’s ludicrous claims of innocence, Reprieve created a victim narrative. Carty is black, but so were the men she duped into assisting her, so the race card wouldn’t work. And as the victim was a young woman, the feminist narrative wouldn’t work either. So that leaves…? That’s right, blame it on the lawyer. And that is what we hear here, a British barrister says her conviction is due to Jerry Guerinot. Reprieve and others have claimed Guerinot is the worst lawyer in Texas if not the entire world, and back that up with the fact that he has more clients on death row than any other attorney in America. Which is true, but…check out my April 2012 interview with Guerinot for the context of these statistics, namely that of a court-appointed law who, in Carty’s own words, was given the worst of the worst to defend, including the serial killer James Emery Paster.

In fact, Carty had not one lawyer but two; Guerinot’s co-counsel was the former Windi Akins, a formidable advocate who is now the senior partner in her own law firm. Here is my December 2011 interview with her.

We hear all the old rubbish about Carty not being provided with consular assistance. That’s because she told both the authorities and her lawyers that she was an American citizen, and as she had lived in Texas for so long, she might have considered herself a de facto one. In any case, consular assistance isn’t a get out of jail free card, or did she expect then Prime Minister Tony Blair to send a gunboat to Texas to demand her release?

Susanna Reid could have saved her employers a plane ticket by visiting the relevant websites and reading the appeal judgments. Carty’s later evidentiary hearing was totally contrived, indeed we have seen a lot of these in recent years, most notably for murderer and serial rapist Rodney Reed. New witnesses are produced out of thin air, solemn testimony given under oath is retracted. Thankfully to no avail in both these cases which were proved not just beyond reasonable doubt but beyond any conceivable doubt.

We see previously unseen footage, including the interrogation of Chris Robinson. He received a forty-five year sentence and might rightly consider himself aggrieved because according to his testimony – which was accepted – but for him, three people might have been dead instead of one.

At the end of the documentary, Reid suggests Carty could apply for a pardon, she even goes the extra mile and suggests there is doubt in this case. The reality is Jussie Smollett would have an easier time finding those two imaginary white men who attacked him than Carty would have of securing a pardon. The best she can hope for is to die on death row of old age, which is more than she deserves.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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Mark Taha
Mark Taha
April 1, 2022

I.think.she should be reprieved.

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