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Breitbart: The New York Times tries to authorize a hit on Tucker Carlson [Video]

Calling the Grey Lady out was probably a very wise move, given the political climate we are in

Tucker Carlson has been on fire especially over the last several weeks. His Fox program, Tucker Carlson Tonight has hit time after time after time with laserlike accuracy against the radical leftism rioting and violence on display all across the United States and even outside the US. His criticism of the people and actions involved has been without hyperbole, though definitely with personal emotion, and it is not off the mark to say that Mr. Carlson has for the time being eclipsed even that great founder of conservative media, Rush Limbaugh.

The New York Times, as “the paper of record” has apparently decided that the way to silence this man is to threaten his family. This claim Tucker himself made during the closing moments of his program aired Monday, July 20th, 2020:

Naturally, after this piece, the Times issued a statement, covered by The Daily Beast:

Following Carlson’s fiery remarks, The New York Times released a statement denying the Fox host’s central complaint that the paper was planning on publishing the address of any of his homes.

“While we do not confirm what may or may publish in future editions, The Timeshas not and does not plan to expose any residence of Tucker Carlson’s, which Carlson was aware of before tonight’s broadcast,” the paper said.

Well, of course they would say that.

At issue appears to be an infiltration perhaps of so-called “anti-racism” sentiment against recent statements and newspieces disseminated by Fox News’ leading anchors. Both and The Daily Beast are reporting alleged racism and sexual harassment charges being brought against Carlson and Sean Hannity among others at Fox, and they further claim that Tucker’s address at the end of his program, delivered after a one-week trout-fishing trip whose timing coincided with the firing of one of his top writers, Blake Neff, who was exposed for what appeared to be racist posts he made under an alias online.

Naturally in the hyper-sensitive area of American dialogue, this is the Ultimate Crime (wait: I thought we had freedom of speech in America!) and in order for Fox News to save face, this head had to roll. However, the incensed leftists are eager to use anything they can, so it seems that Mr. Carlson’s “long-planned vacation” might well have been planned less long ago than the phrase implies, as a time to pause and reflect.

Or was it?

The media in its fiery hatred of effective conservative commentators, is no doubt grabbing at anything to try to shame or terrorize Mr. Carlson into stopping what he is doing. This is only a sign that Carlson is effective, and indeed he is, with his program becoming the top-rated cable news program.

Also, since the ideology of the Marxist left in America considers human beings as of no importance, but merely as accessories or obstacles to power, the Times doubtless feels that any sort of thuggish threat is merely the proper application of coercive force to stop the voices of dissent against what elitists wish all Americans to believe, or at least, to submit to.

This is yet another move in the Second American Civil War. If you want to catch up on some of my analysis of this events, the links are below:

To Part One

To Part Two

To Part Three

This is not going away either. Even if Donald Trump wins re-election, and especially if he does, we can expect much worse violence unless he moves decidedly to stop it. In a second term, there is no reason to suspect he would not do so.

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Slave Ukraina!
Slave Ukraina!
July 21, 2020

Must be Ukraine’s SBU and its mirotvorets hit list website that taught the NYT how effective such things can be.

The Alchemist
The Alchemist
Reply to  Slave Ukraina!
July 22, 2020

Tucker Carlson as America’s very own Oleh Buzina. Antifascist and Fascist meld into one. Quite the feat.

Reply to  The Alchemist
July 22, 2020

I suspect that was a misunderstood post. Buzina was stalked and murdered by fascists. Carlson is stalked by so-called antifascists but they in essence behave the same.

Guillermo Calvo Mahé
July 22, 2020

It would far more useful and far more accurate to stop talking about the “radical left”, which has little involvement in the current madness, and name real names: the Deep State led Democratic Party, the MSM and GOP “traditionalists (non libertarians and non-tea partyists). The real left rejects many, perhaps most of the current administration’s policies, but it does so in a decent manner focusing on policies rather than personalities. It has no need for calumnies or deceitful incoherence or the remaking of history.

Last edited 1 year ago by Guillermo Calvo Mahe
The New York Slimes
The New York Slimes
July 22, 2020

‘The Grey Lady’, LOL. I didn’t know that Leni Riefenstahl was still alive.

July 22, 2020

Is it in the public interest to know where the Carlson family lives? Of course not, so why would a newspaper be allowed to publish this information and what is their justification? Is it in the hope that the rabble will go and confront them, thus forcing Tucker off the air? It certainly seems like it.

He is one of the only journalists in the USA with any merit and his show attracts a huge number of viewers. The NYT and the Washington Post would do anything to sell more copies and do their masters’ bidding at the same time.

Vera Gottlieb
Vera Gottlieb
July 22, 2020

An eye for an eye…Not even to line-out the bottom of my bird’s cage would I use the NYT.

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