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BREAKING: Bill O’Reilly fired from Fox News

Long time host Bill O’Reilly has been fired by the popular American cable news channel Fox News.

O’Reilly has hosted Fox’s flagship O’Reilly Factor since 1996 and has typically been a big ratings draw for Fox.

It is thought that owner of Fox News, Rupert Murdoch and his son James had argued over whether to fire the embattled host. It seems that James who was less favourable to O’Reilly, has won the argument.

O’Reilly faced multiple accusations of sexual harassment from several women who were not his wife. He also faced accusations of abuse from a woman who was his wife.

O’Reilly is also remembered for lying about his actions during the 1982 Falklands/Malvinas war between Britain and Argentina. O’Reilly claimed he was in a war zone, but information later surfaced that he was in fact far from a war zone.

His record of supporting US war upon US war is unequalled. His show was a frequent go-to source for neo-con analysis of neo-con news, featuring neo-con bullhorns as guests.

While many in the western mainstream media are quick to feign shock and horror at the accusations, a rather more contemplative view has been taken by others.

Peter Lavelle, host of RT’s CrossTalk has issued a statement about O’Reilly’s fall from the graces of the Murdochs

I personally have no view on the accusations against O’Reilly.

Ours is an age where anyone can accuse anyone else of just about anything. The combination of social media rumours, greedy lawyers, disgraceful liars in the PR industry and professional victims within ear shot of all of the above, means that many people are correctly going numb to such sensational accusations, because many are simply baseless.

That being said, if the accusations are true, it is of course a disgrace and one that, if he has a conscience O’Reilly will have to live with.

But be that as it may, O’Reilly’s views were those I have always opposed. He often pretended to be a kind of paragon of virtue, but now through the dark glass of current events, the truth looks somewhat different.

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