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Bragging, whining, blaming. That’s all he does: The Trump Show –

Bragging, whining, blaming. That’s all he does: At his White House news briefing on the coronavirus on March 19, President Trump offered high praise for the commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, Stephen Hahn. “He’s worked, like, probably as hard or harder than anybody,” Mr. Trump said. Then he corrected himself: “Other than maybe Mike …

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The Political Pooper Scooper
The Political Pooper Scooper
April 29, 2020

Other than maybe Mike …

Yep……lying, cheating and stealing take lots of energy and brown-nosing can sap that last precious drop out of a fellow.

Give me a smooth-talking DNC flim-flam artist any day. Biden? Well, one outta two ain’t bad.

Just kidding.

Biden’s victim of unwanted sexual attention now working for Biden

Todays News 28th April 2020