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Boris Johnson’s three-tier system & circuit breakers, risk breaking economy

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October 21, 2020

Massive ramp up? On an average day in the UK, 2,575 people die … every day. Try looking this up and get some perspective. Deaths assigned to Covid recently in the UK have been ~150. Average age is over 80.

Reply to  SteveK9
October 22, 2020
David Bowlas
David Bowlas
October 21, 2020

All the ones who I have heard saying Johnson is doing great and a very hard job. Are in fact ”the ones on a pension” ”the elites” ”the ones still working” ”the ones on furlough” A lot of NHS because they are still drawing a good wage despite the propaganda” ”and finally – idiots” oops forgot!!! and the majority of MPs in all camps because we have a one party system – like it or not.

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