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Bitcoin, The Fed and The Great Reset

Bitcoin, The Fed and The Great Reset

The Duran: Episode 821.

$50K BTC in 2021? Bloomberg Analysts Join the ‘Traditional Onslaught’ Driving Bitcoin’s Rally

$50K BTC? Bloomberg Joins the Onslaught Driving Bitcoin’s Rally – CoinDesk

A new crypto outlook from Bloomberg suggests BTC could reach $50,000 in 2021, topping off a month of major institutional momentum for the asset. For more episodes and free early access before our regular 3 p.m. Eastern time releases, subscribe with Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Pocketcasts, Google Podcasts, Castbox, Stitcher, RadioPublica, iHeartRadio or RSS.

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Tom Luongo

Gold Goats ‘n Guns – Speaking Truth, Destroying Narratives about Politics, Markets and Culture

Speaking Truth, Destroying Narratives about Politics, Markets and Culture

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December 8, 2020

Please review ‘casedemic’, that base foundation for lockdowns, masks and now vaccines which was based on numbers of PCR tests that really in reliable way of making any true assessment. Now Zerohedge has made a full case study in below linkFor The First Time, A US State Will Require Disclosure Of PCR ‘Cycle Threshold’ Data In COVID Tests

MSM: Trump is planning a coup to stop their coup attempt [Video]

Senator Perdue reveals Georgia RINO plan to betray Trump