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Bill De Blasio’s daughter calls Harris President, says Biden “was able to steal” election

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De Blasio’s Daughter in Verbal Slip Up, Claims Biden “Was Able to Steal” Election.

De Blasio’s Daughter in Verbal Slip Up, Claims Biden “Was Able to Steal” Election

In another apparent attempt to delegitimize the claims of Trump supporters, Boston University professor Ibfram X. Kendi asserted that the term “legal vote” is “racist.”

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The Bellevue Clinic needs Beds
The Bellevue Clinic needs Beds
November 12, 2020

From the mouths of babes.

That said, this racist thing is sending me to search for Twilight Zone episodes. I’m sure I’ve seen the script.

November 12, 2020

A “Floydian slip”?? LOL! Sigmund strikes again!! LOL!

November 13, 2020

Wannabe President Harris will do Wall Street and the Pentagon’s bidding like any ‘good’ (aka subservient) public official. Meanwhile she’ll be allowed to add a spoonful of PC glitter along the edges sufficient to keep the GenXers and suburban housewives happy. However, being completely unaware of how brittle the country is the moment she tries to go to war, or tries to continue this ridiculous lock-down, or do anything even marginally controversial, are potential catastrophic fracture points which could very well usher this country into civil war.

November 30, 2020

The one thing I always get another irritated at is when some conservatives call Kamala Harris a socialist,to which I say she is Not,i mean just look at her prosecution record,she made nice with almost Reaganite ideals of cracking down Hard on ethnic minorities when it came to the law,she called herself a Cop,certainly No fluffy progressive,she will say or do what ever the empire wants or desires,a true disciple of Hilary Clinton,i would also say that if your a African or Arab,you better find a bunker,because she is a apostle of the liberal humanitarian intervention,meaning if she had the… Read more »

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