Awesome footage of Russia’s mighty ‘Zapad-2017’ military drills

The joint exercise between the Russian and Belarusian armies was personally supervised by Vladimir Putin

The Zapad-2017 military exercise between Russia and Belarus involves 12,700 troops including infantry, armor, paratroops, aircraft and artillery. The drill practices defending Belarus and Russia’s Kaliningrad region from a foreign incursion. Observers from some 50 nations were present.

But the drill has NATO all in a kerfuffle – they’ve been shrieking hysterically that the drill involves over 100,000 men and is preparation for invading Poland or the Baltics.

Well, NATO certainly has reason to be concerned – if they ever plan on attacking Russia. Watch below and judge for yourself:

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September 5, 2018

Urrah !
Yankees, Wankees, Rothschilds go home !

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