Lavrov blasts Washington’s claims that US troops are legally in Syria

Russia’s foreign ministry asked which security council resolution authorized US troops in Syria and got no answer

(RIA Novostitranslated by Russia Feed) – Moscow considers absurd the Pentagon’s statements that the US troops are located in Syria legally and on the basis of the decision of the UN Security Council, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

The US Secretary of Defense said that there is a decision of the UN Security Council that allows Washington to have its troops in Syria, and we immediately asked the State Department what decisions they had in mind. We received no specific answer and they clearly understood the absurdity of their statements about allegedly legitimate grounds for placing US armed forces in Syria.

“We will continue the dialogue,” Minister Lavrov added.

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September 5, 2018

It appears that the US is copying the land invasions of the Irish Gipsy Travellers who travel the country every Summer peddling their wares and intimidating those who decline their ‘generous ‘ offers to ‘ pave their driveways or replace a roof tile etc 🙂

The Irish Travellers in the UK and the US Military Travellers in Syria have NO legal mandate to occupy and despoil other peoples land and property.

Some useless cops in the UK said it was a Lifestyle Choice 🙂

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