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“Ankara factions” seize civilian homes with falsified documents

The Turkish-backed factions have expelled civilians from their homes and seized them in the city of Ras al-Ain, Hasaka northwestern countryside.

A local source said that the Turkish-backed “Sultan Murad” faction had beaten a number of families’ members in the city, forcibly expelling them and seizing their homes.

The source pointed out that the Local Council in “Ras Al-Ain” affiliated with the Turkish forces launched a so-called “survey” for homes, granting ownership documents to anyone who resides in any house, aside from the homeowner, as many real estate owners in the city have moved to other areas due to the fighting conditions, but the Council currently controlling the area has begun to grant homes to their occupants instead of their owners in a new way to seize them.

The source indicated that the Turkish-backed factions in “Ras al-Ain” began to expel families living in their homes, under the pretext that they do not possess the ownership document issued by the local council, beating and expelling these families to place the militants’ families instead.

This comes within the framework of Turkey and its factions’ policy in the region, as it seeks to displace the original population of the city and replace them with the militants’ families, with the aim of changing the demographic nature in northern Syria.

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March 16, 2021

Well If you look back in History this was a principal Tactic in Constantinople When the Turks over Run the Greeks but why not call it by its proper Name ? !!’ By Définition it’s Called Ethnic Cleansing and Genocide of Cultural National IDENTITY! The Turkmen Race are Famous for this kind of Agendas and political policy Using FRAUD AND FALSE DOCUMENTS TO LEGITIMIZE THEIR CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY ASK THE ARMENIANS THE CYPRIOTS THE KURDS !! You can see the play book being played in the Aegean and Mediterranean!! TURKEY ID A THEEAT TO WESTERN CIVILIZATION AND ITS NEIGHBORS AND… Read more »

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