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Anarchy in the USSA

The false paradigm of left-wing vs right wing is touted by all pundits and everyone avoids the topic of the socialist elephant in the room, including the people who scream for it when disaster befalls

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

Submitted by Steve Brown…

Biden. Corona. ‘Trump 2020’ aka ‘Kushner 2020’. States make up unconstitutional rules while corporations do anything to protect their bottom line. Bill Gates appears telling us we must not attempt to live like Bill Gates. Modern Monetary Theory is announced by the Prince of Darkness and ‘free markets’ equate to infinite corporate corruption to the joy of all.  America’s number one ally — at least according to America — has an indicted criminal as its head who publicly mocks the law. Meanwhile an equally corrupt US Central Government colludes with highly-criminalized banks and mega-corporations.

More? The false paradigm of left-wing vs right wing is touted by all pundits and everyone avoids the topic of the socialist elephant in the room, including the people who scream for it when disaster befalls. To cap all, America and the west have adopted anarchy for debt as the mandate for US foreign policy so long as King Dollar may be maintained, and infinitely issued.

Despite a setback at the onset of this contagion, Wall Street rockets ever higher daily, gamed by the Prince of Darkness, Chairman Powell, and a US central bank so corrupt that the corrupt central government and US Treasury have prevailed to dump the stench of Modern Monetary Theory on us all. It’s a public so clueless in their obsession with Povich and Springer they have no idea “Federal Reserve Note” is printed at the top of every immoral and amoral cash note in their pocket book or wallet.

It’s a US history where the demise of manufacturing — except for food production and weaponry — means the lucky ones have jobs as parasites in finance or trade, or usually government or military. That military service is key and by design.  The knock-on of US military adventure has continued apace since 911, and particularly since the Wicked Witch of the West’s ‘Arab Nightmare’ in 2011. It’s the foreign policy of chaos Pepe Escobar labeled so succinctly.

Now Donald ‘Jared’ Trump gloats about the ‘strong dollar’ an illusion to whit we will address below.  Meanwhile the poor and impoverished of the world lend so that Bill Gates and Bezos may lavishly spend.  Those who don’t play America’s vile game are forced to suffer. One minor relief is that the Russians are no longer purported to be hacking the US…! — at least for now. A dark picture you say?  Even so, the above is not the definition of anarchy that anarchists or minarchists ever anticipated.

In An Exit Strategy to Nowhere we examined a potential scenario for winding down the contagion crisis — where the contagion appears to be an appearance of the fourth kind .  However when the US cannot extricate itself from Afghanistan or Syria, the US is clearly unable to deal with a complex domestic issue such as a health crisis too.  Since we are considered to be cattle – or at least sheep – why not let herd immunity play out? Apparently the public has already made that decision.

Ironically, a reticent China (alleged to be the source of the contagion!)  may be forced to join the game for hegemony. China has always resisted that call.  But Jared Trump’s heckling of China is not the only game in town.

The conflicts in Syria, Libya, and Yemen have become ever more complex to a point where alliances may shift almost daily.  The participation of Turkey, Egypt, and to some extent Algeria in these shifting alliances is underscored by the double-dealing of the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.  Eventually the game of musical chairs must stop.  Does Mike Pompeo have any idea when? Of course not, because the US keeps it all going to profit its weapons industry.

Against this backdrop, instability in oil markets and its impact on US dollar trading (especially Eurodollar trades) is further fueled by the US central bank’s ability to print (issue currency). But at what point will the debt-to-GDP ratio flash so red that even gamed Wall Street banks and their debauched criminalized traders can no longer ignore the reality?  As always, this author suspects the key indicator will be gold and not BTC.

But still, that does not give us a view to the future. What happens when at least twenty percent of the US labor force is unemployed? Will they go back to work when conditions ease?  I’d suspect not.  What happens when those tax receipts across the board fall by at least ten percent this year?  What happens when an economy run on air (credit) finds its creditee bankrupt?   What happens when free governmental hand-outs cause folks not to work at all?

The answer, right now, is that a fully criminally complicit US central bank will continue to provide liquidity to infinity, as Modern Monetary Theory so mandates. And think of this: Corporations and primary dealers will of course support the system. But what happens when even the broke consumer is made minimally liquid but refuses to spend? There is the rub. Check out this velocity of money chart:  The direction of that chart is not going to changeAnd that is a massive challenge for Mr Mnuchin and his henchmen…

To conclude – and this is not a cop out – we just don’t know. This has never happened before. Not even in the previous US financial collapse of 2008-2009.  It’s likely Steve Mnuchin does not know what’s next either, to say the least.  His only tool is to create currency via his lackey Powell with its value determined only by governmental decree.  That’s never ever worked before.  Will it work now?  Only time will tell.

Meanwhile hang on for the ride, because it’s going to get rough, real rough. Where this rocky winding desert trail will take us as it narrows, strewn with boulders, will be the ultimate challenge even for the hardiest 4×4, currency winch and all.

– Steve Brown


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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John Ellis
John Ellis
May 27, 2020

Capitalism is an intelligence dictatorship, with your ability to compete for the power and glory of wealth being in direct proportion to your education. Likewise, socialism is also a fake morality with no hope of there being the compassion and charity needed to produce the humility of a grateful response. For socialism is an equality dictatorship, with the deadly force of government making sure that everyone has an equal share of the power and glory inherent in wealth. The fake morality being that, the only purpose in life is short term pleasure, as permanent happiness is a thing not to… Read more »

Mark Gilmore
Mark Gilmore
May 27, 2020

please don’t confuse anarchy (“no rulers”) with chaos

Caveat Emptor
Caveat Emptor
Reply to  Mark Gilmore
May 27, 2020

Ever read the book or watch the movie Lord of the Flies?

Anarchy is only destined to be an instrument of last resort to a new state order. It may even provoke the establishment of a state order antithetical to that which provoked its rise to begin with.

Caveat Emptor
Caveat Emptor
May 27, 2020

Given the sorry state of both political parties, one begins to wonder if anarchy is an appropriate substitute, at least until a rational alternative is found.

Michael Horn
May 28, 2020

Since 1981, Billy Meier has predicted the two coming civil wars in the US, as well as the coming global financial collapse. We’ve corroborated over 250 specific examples of the – error-free – prophetically accurate information. Theyflyblog has this information, as well as Meier’s specific, prophetically accurate warnings about COVID-19…which continues to be corroborated. The real question now is whether Americans are smart enough to survive, since they’ve ignored virtually all of the warnings to date.

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