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Alexandria Ocasio-Smollett

If you think the above title is a clerical error, you haven’t been keeping abreast of the latest developments in Progressive Fantasyland. This portmanteau and variations thereof is currently being used as a hashtag.

Jussie Smollett is of course the man who fabricated an absurd “hate crime” in Chicago, while Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez goes from one absurdity to another. When she became the youngest Congresswoman ever, most people thought she would aspire if not to the actual Presidency then to some high office. Sadly, while she could pass as your trophy Latina girlfriend, every time she opened her mouth she said something absurd or dishonest, and when the error or the lie was pointed out to her, she would simply double down.

In August 2018, the Washington Post felt obliged to fact check her, counting five lies in a minute and a half.

In 2019, she caused outrage by likening detention facilities on the Southern border to Nazi death camps.

Like not a few leading Democrats, she sees white supremacists everywhere, although she obviously hasn’t a clue about the historicity of white supremacy anymore than she understands why the minimum wage is such a bad idea for ordinary people, but her claims over the shameful January 6 incident in Washington have topped even those.

Ted Cruz was inciting people to murder her; the people who invaded the Capitol were looking for her personally. She was traumatised, so traumatised in fact that she relieved a hitherto undisclosed incident in which she was raped. She used the phrase sexual assault, but it was clear she wasn’t referring to some drunken creep grabbing her butt.

Either she forgot about the fact checkers or she didn’t care, because it didn’t take long for the truth to out: she wasn’t in the main building, but in an annexe, and was never in the slightest danger. This and all her other, proven lies raise an obvious question, is she really a “survivor” of sexual assault?

That is a rhetorical question, because Miss Ocasio-Cortez is clearly not the type of woman to take anything lying down. She would have fought back against an attacker, and would have reported the assault at the first opportunity, as do most genuine victims. Her sexual assault claim was obviously yet another attempt to play the damsel – how dare you question a survivor?

Sadly, there are some people who have fallen for AOC’s flim-flam. The gullible Danielle Campoamor wrote: “Trying to pretend there is one ‘right way’ to deal with the psychological impact of assault is just another way to delegitimize the experiences of trauma survivors we don’t like”.

And lying to garner sympathy is what?

Not only does AOC lie with impunity, she asks her supporters to shut down those who expose her lies. She called for them to report as spam social media posts that take issue with “her truth”. Seriously, does this woman look or sound like a damsel in distress to you?

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February 5, 2021

Always fun:


Reply to  Luka-The-K9
February 5, 2021

If AOC is a liar, then so is Katie Porter who verified AOC’s account of events at the Capitol.

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