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A Primer On Media Gaslighting (2), Pressure Groups – Part 2

Another UK pressure group that is totally shameless in its lies and distortions is the Fawcett Society, which claims to campaign for equality for women, read special privileges for women, financial and otherwise. Like most feminist organisations, the Fawcett Society throws around statistics with gay abandon as though, devoid of context, they actually mean something. Thus, visitors to its website are currently being told “Existing inequalities mean that women are going to be disproportionately impacted by the coronavirus outbreak.”

In reality, if one can believe the statistics put out by the medical authorities, more men are dying from the coronavirus than women. The Fawcett Society’s ludicrous claim is reminiscent of Hillary Clinton’s claim that women are the main victims of war because they are left widows, in other words, men don’t count.

Their latest campaign is about gender stereotypes, something we are told damages us all. Indeed.

“Gender stereotypes strike early. From the age of six, children associate traits like ‘intelligence’ with being a boy and ‘niceness’ with being a girl.”

That’s because men are more intelligent than women, and because girls are nicer than boys. There are though many exceptions, for example, Donald Trump is nicer than Clementine Ford, while 95% of the female population is more intelligent than Joe Biden.

The statistics devoid of context, twisted factoids and false narratives of the Fawcett Society and other feminist organisations are rarely challenged by the media, which is why we have seen legislation to address an imaginary gender pay gap, and why so much rubbish is touted about the prevalence of sexual harassment.

There are many other political movements out there that bombard the media with lies and distortions that are seldom if ever corrected, including especially by the global warming crowd. Yes, we do face serious problems: environmental, social, terrorism, and at the moment an infestation which has affected practically every country on Earth, but we cannot tackle real problems if we act on false information about them, including gross exaggerations. If the mainstream media is not prepared to call out those who persist in “lying for a good cause”, then it is not fit for purpose and something should be done about it, as Donald Trump appears to be doing at the moment.

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A Primer On Media Gaslighting (2), Pressure Groups – Part 1

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