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5 Trump Tweets that show REAL leadership after the London terrorist atrocity

Donald Trump has responded to the recent terrorist attack in London in a manner that is frank and downright refreshing when compared to the response from the UK government whose leader has oddly promised censoring the internet in order to stop terrorism.

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Donald Trump has instead highlighted many important issues including the limp wrested response of London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan. Trump said of Kahn,

Trump is objectively correct. When an alarming incident happens and indeed only a short period after a previous terrorist attack, it is only natural for people to be alarmed.

He also sent out two Tweets about how the climate of censorship, one which the current British Prime Minister wants to extend, is stiffing the debate about and implementation of crucial preventative measures.

He further illustrated the hypocrisy of many in the gun control lobby. including those in Britain who aren’t able to face some basic facts.

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Trump also offed his condolences and support to Britain, but it is difficult to see that Donald Trump and the UK leadership have anything in common on this issue.

Donald Trump understands the basic principles of fighting terrorism: tough law and order, careful vetting of those from abroad, arming citizens for self-defence and if his campaign promises are any indication of where his heart lies, he also understands the fundamental problems of western foreign policy making people throughout the world less safe.

This is true leadership from a true man. It’s a pity he is still not quite strong enough to implement everything he seems to truly believe.

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