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130 US agents claim injury from DIRECT ENERGY weapons [Video]

As usual, Russia is being blamed. But what is the real story?

From the Truth is Stranger than Fiction department, another interesting story. Some 130 people, in Washington DC, ranging from CIA officers to military personnel, report having been attacked by some sort of “energy weapon”, believed to consist of microwave radiation.

How many weird stories can the news media juggle at once? We have our brewing story on UFO’s hanging out over military installations, visible daily for as long as two years at a stretch in some places. We have a clearly dysfunction government in place at present, with the Chief Executive post being occupied by a man who has dementia and a tendency to curse and swear at people when he gets too much information, with a silent sidekick who is apparently afraid to speak to the Press about the situation going on at the US – Mexican Border. Something is up, because she has not made a peep on the subject to journalists for fifty-seven days now.

(That is almost two months, folks. Donald Trump’s usual response time was within hours, sometimes even minutes and at great length.)

And of course, COVID Craziness has held the US in its grip for over a year now, with the NEA and other teachers’ unions appearing to set scientific “policy” regarding COVID, as Tucker Carlson noted in his sarcastic, but not quite untrue manner some days ago.

If there is one thing that is interesting about 2021, it is this bonanza of weird. Let’s look a bit deeper at this story:

Fox News actually reported on this a few weeks ago, but in everything else that got in front of it, this report surfaced on YouTube today (May 21st). Chosen excerpts from the May 3rd report appear below:

Republican and Democratic lawmakers are demanding answers about who is responsible for what a growing consensus of experts believe are targeted attacks on U.S. diplomats and national security officials using pulse microwave energy that many now believe was used as a weapon to harm American citizens.

“In December of 2017, I made which now is kind of the fateful trip to Moscow,” explained Marc Polymeropolous, a 26 year veteran of the CIA, who was forced to retire as the CIA’s official for clandestine operations in Europe after suffering a mysterious traumatic brain injury and debilitating side effects following a trip to Moscow in 2017.

“I woke up in the middle of the night with an incredible case of vertigo, of tinnitus, which is ringing in the ears. I was falling over. I was nauseated,” Polymeropolous said in an interview with Fox News. “There was no mistake that something really, really terrifying happened that night in Moscow. I had been in Afghanistan. I spent time in Iraq. This was the most terrifying experience of my life.”

The veteran CIA officer was staying at the Marriott Hotel near the US Embassy when he was attacked. His case resembles symptoms described by 40 US diplomats in Havana serving at the US Embassy and a dozen US diplomats serving in China who in 2016 began experiencing extreme vertigo and nausea, sometimes following a loud, piercing sound that experts now believe was the result of directed radio frequency energy in the form of a microwave.

Senators Mark Warner and Marco Rubio, the top Republican and Democrats heading the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, issued a stern statement acknowledging for the first time US officials had been “attacked,” suggesting the attacks are ongoing and “increasing.” Now two cases are being investigated on U.S. soil, including one that allegedly took place last year near the ellipse outside the White House and another that targeted a National Security Council official…

David Relman of Stanford led the National Academy of Sciences study requested by the State Department which until recently remained classified. The report concluded these US diplomats had been targeted by a pulsed radiofrequency.

“A form of microwave energy that we don’t typically see in the world around us. It’s not the continuous wave energy that comes out of our cell phones or out of our microwaves. It’s not that,” Relman explained. “It is a high energy, very short delivery of this microwave energy. It’s a form that isn’t common in the world around us, but is used, for example, by militaries for radar.”

The CIA’s Polymeropolous described the brain fog and loss of long-distance vision. “It became pretty clear that something pretty terrible happened.”

At first, he says, when he raised the issue with doctors at the CIA, few believed him. He says he is now getting more support from the new director of CIA, William Burns, who promised to help at the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence during the Annual Threat Assessment hearing: “I said in my confirmation hearing before the Senate that I would make this a very high priority to ensure that my colleagues get the care that they deserve and that we get to the bottom of what caused these incidents and who was responsible. And, I’ve tried very hard in the three weeks now that I’ve been at CIA to demonstrate that commitment. I’ve visited Walter Reed and NIH to thank the wonderful professionals there for the support they’ve provided.”

After facing frustrating bureaucracy for 3 years, Polymeropolous is finally getting treated at Walter Reed’s National Intrepid Center of Excellence, which specializes in traumatic brain injuries.

Of course, no such story would be complete without pointing the finger at Russia…

“There’s conventional wisdom that this is a portable weapon, a microwave weapon that we knew the Soviet Union and the Russians certainly developed and tested for a long time. And it’s designed to incapacitate. I mean, it’s pretty insidious because it also doesn’t leave any kind of open scars or wounds,” Polymeropolous said.

“It’s a terror weapon that I think the Russians, in my view, have employed. And they’ve done so to very good effect because it’s caused a great deal of worry and fear among the US diplomatic community.

The majority of senior US government officials, including the intelligence community, believe it’s the Russians,” he said.

Fox News’ video report posted May 21, 2021 gives a summary and update about this story:

As one can see, the “It is all Russia’s doing” narrative has advanced to the front of the news piece. However, this is extraordinarily wild speculation, and given the deteriorating relations between the Imposter Hologram administration and the Real Men and Women of the Russian Federation, to spin like this is either irresponsible speculation or purposeful propaganda.

Let’s add a little more speculation: Russia does indeed have advanced laser weaponry, and there is no reason to assume they do not have directed microwave weapons, but so does the US. America also has a crisis ongoing, which can be seen when one looks at the aggregate of news coming out of the United States. The nation is deeply in crisis, that crisis is being driven by Joe Biden and the Democrats, and it is being purposefully amplified by them. The intelligence community has been repeatedly proved to be anything but intelligent, preferring to come up with magical levels of Russian collusion and “interference” in all American affairs, in essence to come up with this message:

America’s problems are not America’s fault. Someone else is to blame. We are faultless.

Since someone is to blame, we need a useful and harmless scapegoat. Russia has been the unwilling but up to this point, the very patient, whipping post/boy for the last eight years or so. Even now, as a followup from our recent piece in which we learned how Americans are being told to go home by June 15th, 2021, that news has now changed, with apparent agreements being reached to extend the US Embassy’s range of services through the middle of July (something I personally am taking advantage of for myself and my family), and the Russian side’s extension of services through August.

Internally, the Russian government does not wish to cast Americans out of the country – many Americans live and work here and have families here, and all of us are very welcomed and appreciated here. But at the same time, the Russian government finds itself needing to answer the hyperventilation of the Imposter with something, so we are presently in a better, but still unstable, predicament.

In my opinion (you knew you were going to get this, right?), any incidents with directed energy weapons and Americans is most likely not from agencies in the Russian government or military at all. The reasons are simple:

  1. There is no reason to do such things, and very good reasons not to do them: The United States already has the Russian Federation as a huge “it’s all their fault” scapegoat. Why provoke more backlash from such a delusional and unstable group of people?
  2. Russia has nothing to gain: Much in the same vein as the above reasoning, the Russian Federation has no ambitions against the United States. The closest thing to any such ambition is the desire to be left alone. Further, despite American media claims to the contrary, Russia is not an expansionist power. Here is the reach of Russian military bases:

By contrast, here are the American bases…

And they call Russia expansionist. This is the classic definition of misdirection.

Now, to be sure, the average American has no idea of these realities, because they live almost entirely “in the fishbowl” of America-oriented media and information sources. Even if they try to get news from other places, these are often places like the BBC, or the Australian Broadcasting Company (ABC), which is superb on US affairs, but a little less so about Russia. Further resources like Reuters and the Associated Press have left-leaning staff, but they are all of one mind as regards the commitment to a Western-led globalism, or at least, a Western-led nationalism, as in the case of Australia.

Even Russia Today (RT) often fails to deliver the goods on a real Russian perspective about the news, though it does make some significant inroads towards doing this. However, readers of my news pieces will realize that it has been a precious long time since I referenced RT for any piece, because the English-facing side of this network is VERY left-of-center. While there are news sites that present news from a Russian perspective, such as Sputnik or RusVesna, they often fail to present the Western reader with a “bridge” into this very different set of perspectives, making these networks difficult to believe, and subsequently, very easy for Big Tech to brand them as “fake news” and block them from view.

The result is that most Americans live in a media bubble that is self-deluding. It is for the smaller alternative media outlets like The Duran itself, the Strategic Culture Foundation, ZeroHedge and a few others that offer what we hope is an accessible window into a worldview that is hopefully accurate, and which is certainly not controlled by American propagandists or propagandists from anywhere else. In fact, our own network features so many points of view across the spectrum that one is tasked to do a lot of thinking if they read everything written and posted here.

Final thoughts: I do not believe the Russians are “raying” our people. If anybody is, it is more likely to be American or even Chinese (though I give this a low likelihood for reasons I might discuss later).

That is, if these perpetrators are even terrestrial. After all, there are all those UFO sightings…


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The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of The Duran.

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Psychology Today
Psychology Today
May 22, 2021

No doubt the symptoms result from the unrelenting internal conflict these ‘US agents’ suffer when subconsciously trying to reconcile their actions with ‘democracy promotion’.

May 22, 2021


Smoking Eagle
Smoking Eagle
May 22, 2021

The two maps showing the Russian and US military bases are a bit misleading. The map showing Russia’s bases include Russian bases inside Russia, but the map of US bases only shows US military bases overseas. To make the maps comparable, one would have to either add the 440 (named) bases inside the US, or else delete the Russian bases inside Russia. US bases inside US:

Rick Oliver
Rick Oliver
May 23, 2021

Once everybody starts putting the dots together , they might find that the US military was responsible for all those out of control forest fires that burned peoples homes and vehicles to the ground , how a military can move a whole town or city`s population to where they wanted them , ( probably comes under the Agenda 21 banner ) The problem is , this news comes out before the public years after the event , only a few people are woken up ! People like me were writing these stories back then straight after it happened , but… Read more »

Peter Williams
Peter Williams
May 23, 2021

It’s the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (not Company), and the map of US bases does not show the so-called “Joint Bases”.

Where's the Beef?
Where's the Beef?
May 23, 2021

Here, I solved their silly ‘I was zapped by a microwaving UFO’ problem.

High Precision Microwave Detector HT-M2 Digital LCD Display Microwave Leakage Detector Radiation Meter Tester High Sensitivity to Radiation and Built in Alarm Function

Price: $27.49

Fast Eddy
Fast Eddy
Reply to  Where's the Beef?
May 23, 2021

You can order one from the Atlantic Council’s tech center that comes preloaded with a Russian hack history.

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