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Trump just BLEW the Fake News Media out of the water on Tillerson firing rumors

The president has tweeted that all speculation that he will soon replace his secretary of state is false

Donald Trump has again exposed the lying US news media with a tweet blasting their stories of the imminent demise of Rex Tillerson as secretary of state.

The New York Times and Washington Post have been running stories for over 24 hours, speculating that Trump is about to install his current CIA director, aggressive globalist war hawk Mike Pompeo, at the State Department.

The nation’s two premier newspapers started their propaganda campaign to have Tillerson sacked about a week ago, with stories of doom and gloom at Foggy Bottom, and impassioned laments from “experienced” diplomats (read: establishment) that Tillerson was destroying American diplomacy.

In fact what Tillerson has been destroying is the globalist deep state’s hold on the state department – at least insofar as possible.

As usual “anonymous” sources (that is, made up) figured prominently in this story.

What we have here instead is the establishment fake news media again trying to manipulate not only public opinion, but policy makers to pre-arrange outcomes – i.e. to create the news instead of reporting it.

That is the very definition of “fake news.” (Ironically a term they coined a year ago to tarnish Russia.)

It’s still more confirmation that the US mainstream media has degenerated into nothing more than a glorified rumor mill in the service of establishment elites and institutions.

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