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8 ways Donald Trump’s critics have flip-flopped since he attacked Syria

Now that Donald Trump has embraced the criminal, blood-stained policies of neo-con Republicans and most Democrats, the liberal mainstream media are bending over backwards to re-write their own  history.

Most anti-war conservatives took Trump for his word when he clearly and unambiguously articulated traditional Robert Taft style non-interventionist centre-right policies. After all, he had been articulating such things for decades as a businessman and continued to articulate them until the last 48 hours.

By contrast everyone from Hillary Clinton to John McCain, the Clinton News Network (CNN), the lying New York Times, fake news peddling Washington Post and British state-owned broadcaster BBC wanted Donald Trump’s head on a plate…that is, until the last 48 hours.

Because Trump has adopted their aggressive, interventionist, fake news sourced foreign policy, Trump is now part of the club. He rolled over to the deep state without even putting up much of a fight. The man who was once chastised by the liberal elite for joking about ‘grabbing pussy’, has now become one and they love him for it.

But because their hatred of Trump going back at least two year or more in some cases, is part of the public record, they are in damage control mode and it is quite amusing to see the hypocrisy on display.

With that in mind, here’s your list of what they said then and what they’re saying now. 


 What they said then: Donald Trump is emotionally unstable and therefore not fit to be President .

What they say now: Donald Trump was deeply moved by White Helmets sourced photos of injured children. His visceral reaction means he is in touch with his feelings and therefore leading an American foreign policy based on compassion. 

Subtext: Emotion is bad when it’s instinctively pro-peace, but it is good when it jumps to regime change style war which has all ready killed civilians. 


What they said then: Donald Trump doesn’t have a foreign policy 

What they say now: Donald Trump was extremely wise to keep his options open

Subtext: He may have even fooled some conservative anti-war folks in the process where Obama generally did not. 


What they said then: Donald Trump is a Putin agent.

What they say now: Donald Trump has embarrassed Russia

Subtext: Because Russia isn’t as crazy as the United States, Russia must be  weak. 


What they said then: Angela Merkel is the legitimate leader of the ‘free world’. 

What they say now: Just kidding.

Subtext: America has a bigger army, air force and navy than Germany, that makes America the true leader of the ‘free world’, but we’re still cool with Angie. 


What they said then: By pursuing peace with Russia, it makes the world more dangerous and could harm America. 

What they say now: By going to war, it makes the political process easier. 

Subtext: Everyone wants to do a deal with a war criminal. 


What they said then: Not my President!!! 

What they say now: Donald Trump has risen to the occasion and become a true leader. 

Subtext: Peace is for morons, traitors and Russian trolls. Unprovoked war on a smaller and less power nation is manly and Presidential. 


What they said then: Donald Trump is not a real Republican. He’s just an opportunist

What they say now: Donald Trump is the new Ronald Reagan

Subtext: Because it’s still the Cold War and Reagan called the USSR an ‘evil empire’.  


What they said then: Donald Trump is a sexist 

What they say now: Rosie O’Donnell is objectively fat. 

Subtext: Confession; we’re not there yet. This one is a joke, but I would not longer be shocked if it came true. 

I’m sure this list will continue to grow as Donald Trump continues to lose his base and gain new fans in the form of former enemies.

But when all is said and done, his old anti-interventionist  base will have the last laugh. In a matter of days or weeks the liberal media, Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton will go back to moaning about identity politics and why Trump’s lavatorial policy isn’t ‘inclusive’ enough.

Likewise, John McCain and Lindsey Graham will soon start to complain that Donald Trump isn’t bombing enough nations and that the one’s he is bombing, he isn’t bombing enough.

They will chew him up and spit him out faster than you can say ‘war crime’.

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