5 things Donald Trump must NOT do

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Donald Trump is under tremendous amounts of pressure from all sides.

Here are the top five things Donald Trump should NOT do if he is to win his many battles.

  1. He Must Not Lose Touch With New/Alternative Media

Ever since he became a legitimate contender during the Republican primary season, the mainstream media was out for Trump. First, they dismissed, then they mocked, then they tried to discredit and now they are trying to openly impede the progress of his presidency.

By contrast, alternative media went from cautious, to attentive, to supportive to rhetorically combative for Trump.

Alternative media covers a wide spectrum of views from left to right. But it is because unlike msm, alternative media is a marketplace of ideas and a healthy environment for free speech, many Trump supporters were allowed to voice their opinions and support. Many intellectual discussions on Trump took place on alternative media that was a breath of fresh air when contrasted with the doggerel from msm.

It is because of the increased importance of alternative media in shaping public opinion, that Trump was able to win in spite of the msm onslaught.

Trump must not exclude such new media outlets from his events and press conferences. He would be wise to give alternative media exclusive interviews that the msm would be too embarrassed to ignore.

If he wants to combat old media, he needs to maintain support among the new.

  1. He Must Not Succumb To The Foreign Policy Swamp

I cannot remember a time since at least the beginning of the 2003 War on Iraq when western mainstream media have paid such close attention to American foreign policy. The fact that they get so much wrong means that nothing in terms of quality in reportage has changed much since then.

What it does mean is that Trump’s real and supposed foreign policy moves are coming under intense scrutiny.

Trump was elected to end the era of foreign interventionism, he was elected because Hillary Clinton’s anti-Russian war mongering lost votes and never resonated with middle America, he won because he said that one cannot ‘kick the hell out of ISIS’ without allowing President Assad to govern his country.

Trump cannot change course, no matter the pressure. His best defense, in this case, is a good offense. He must go after the msm and his political opponents and expose their hunger for confrontation with Russia as illogical, counter-productive and contrary to the interests of a free and safe America.

As I have stated before, making the argument that Russia is a conservative Christian nation, would resonate deeply with many American conservatives.

The only wars of aggression Trump should be planning are the rhetorical wars he must fight with the pro-war/regime change media.

  1. He Must Not Neglect His Conservative Base.

Donald Trump galvanized a new generation of conservatives as re-lit the fuse among older voters who had grown cynical of voting for Republicans who represented a combination of ‘big government’ Democrat policies with the addition of foreign adventures sold on the basis blind ideology.

Donald Trump won many supporters on both the old right/paleo-conservatives as well as the libertarian right and center for this very reason. If he neglects his base he will be without support.

The vocal true believers of post-modern liberalism will never come his way. The silent majority have and they continue to either support him or otherwise they are still willing to give him a chance.

He must not let them down.

  1. He Must Not Give High Positions To The Old Guard

Many of the Republicans who were skeptical of Trump’s campaign from the start, remain skeptical and are privately opposed to his presidency. In the case of John McCain, his private opposition is the worst kept secret since the democratic referenda in Crimea and Sevastopol.

There are some people already in his administration that he ought to keep on a short leash as it is. I would include Vice President Pence on this list.

It is one thing for the opposition party to attack the President, but he must keep a close watch on Republicans who smell blood and act in the name of personal opportunism.

He ought to recognize talent among his supporters and give positions of power and influence accordingly. Right now, loyalty is a must, big ideas is a helpful bonus.

  1. He Must Not Speak To Those Abroad In The Way He Speaks To His Domestic Opponents

Donald Trump’s frank, forthright manner of speech resonates among his supporters and it irks his domestic opponents. His style is unmistakable.

But on the international stage, he must work to build new alliances and this requires the tone of Donald Trump the board member rather than Donald Trump the flamboyant salesman.

If he takes this approach, he may find that he has more friends overseas than in the msm and Congress. Unlike many of his strident opponents in America, the world, including and especially both Russia and China are willing to give him a chance. He must cultivate this opportunity.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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