The coming Muslim-Orthodox Christian ALLIANCE against the decadent West (VIDEO)

A Muslim sheikh says the Quran speaks of a coming united front between the Islamic world and Orthodox Russia

Now this is really interesting.

Russia has quite a history of conflict with Islam, having fought many wars against the Turks, the Persians, and vanquishing several Muslim khanates in the middle ages (Crimea, Kazan, Astrakhan).

Now the war on Daesh/ISIS has brought Russia to the forefront of Middle East politics. Muslim nations like Syria, Egypt and even Saudi Arabia are intensifying links with Moscow. And of course, Russia remains a close partner of Iran.

One Muslim leader believes an alliance between Muslims and Orthodox Christian Russia was predicted in Islam’s holy book, The Quran.

While the nominally “Christian” West has embraced and even codified moral depravity, Islam and Orthodoxy are unanimous in rejecting these liberal innovations.

Whether you believe in the Quran or not…it is a thought-provoking suggestion, that East may soon unite against West. Watch below:

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