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Pelosi attempted a coup? Some very peculiar signs point to this

Conspiracy theories are usually bunk; this one may be, too. However, the Pelosi story offers a remarkable amount of compelling information.

Seraphim Hanisch




Conspiracy theories often abound about many different topics. The seven people that run the world. The Illuminati. UFO’s. Secret government antigravity and other “black projects.” President Trump as the secret agent of Vladimir Putin. Chemtrails. DARPA. All these and many others form the basis for many interesting theories and stories, even movies that are considered “documentaries.” But few such tales have aroused as much apparently serious attention as the new one concerning Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi.

It is an easily visible fact that she does not agree with the policy ideas of President Trump. It is also easily evident that she thinks she can overrule the President’s wishes to break the decades-long silent conspiracy over open borders with Mexico, and to build a substantial barrier along that border.

It could also be easily inferred from both vocal and body language that she does not personally like Mr. Trump either, and at the very least considers his presence in the White House as an anomaly, as something that went wrong in “the plan.”

But what about the idea of her arranging an assassination attempt against the President?

This is the focus of a new conspiracy theory that has gained some partial reporting even in mainstream news media outlets. The most popular video presently on YouTube about this has well over 568,000 views (gained in nine days) at the time of this writing. The narrator makes a wise comment as a possible disclaimer:

For several days, the following theory has been making its way around the internet. I found it difficult to completely dismiss, when I first came across it. It’s been in the back of my mind ever since. A comprehensive time-line was made available yesterday. The evidence provided with the time-line, although circumstantial, renders it impossible for me to continue ignoring what I am about to share with you.

Here is how the conspiracy goes, in brief:

  • January 3: Mrs. Pelosi invites President Trump to deliver the State of the Union, setting the date at January 29, 2019
  • January 16: Mrs. Pelosi asks the President to postpone the address, or deliver it in writing. This was taken as a sign that the Democrats were afraid of being called out for the presently occurring partial government shutdown.
  • However, she also asserted that there was a security risk for the Capitol because the Secret Service and the Dept of Homeland Security were both not getting paid for their services during the shutdown. She said this without actually checking if it were true with these agencies.
  • January 16, 11:25am – Kirsten Nielssen, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security soon affirmed that both agencies were fully ready to support the needs of the SOTU
  • January 16: 21-year old Hasher Taheb was arrested on the charge of planning an attack against the White House on January 17th, using among other things an AT-4, an anti-tank weapon. This story got next to zero media attention, further the Atlanta Journal-Constitution downplays the abilities of this young man to carry out his plan, despite significant efforts he made.
  • January 17th: Nancy Pelosi adjusts her “delay” stance on the SOTU to say it should not be given because the workers in the departments are not getting paid. (All of Congress is getting paid, Democrats vacationed in Puerto Rico, Pelosi went to Hawaii, and President Trump stayed at the White House over the Christmas break, except when he left to visit the troops.)

This is where it gets really hairy, though.

  • Nancy Pelosi planned a trip during the shutdown to Brussels, Egypt and Afghanistan, together with her entire family, a group of seven other Congressional delegates, and according to the Marshall Report and other rampant reports, 93 other people, family members of both Mrs. Pelosi and the other delegates, a claim that has no corroboration anywhere else we can find at this time. This trip was scheduled for January 17th, the same day that Hasher was planning to attack the White House.
  • However even the idea of Representative Pelosi going to Afghanistan is a surprise. An early report on the Rush Limbaugh program noted that she has never gone there in the history of the entire US involvement, so why now?
  • Further, the trip was set to visit NATO leaders in Europe.
  • President Trump canceled her trip, but then quietly sent his own wife, Melania and young son Barron, to Florida by government transport.
  • The letter canceling the trip was released at 2pm on January 17th. Mrs. Pelosi and Co. were scheduled to depart D.C. at 3pm that day (January 17th)
  • Further, Mrs. Pelosi tried to hand-pick the crew for the trip. This was denied as well but it adds to the mystery. Was it really because of their “great service?”
  • The plan for the trip was initiated around Christmas. In Afghanistan, government staffers were not thrilled about the upcoming trip. Foreign Service officers were working for two weeks without pay.
  • Nancy Pelosi made a public reply that the stop in Brussels was to meet with NATO leaders to assure them of the ironclad nature of the US alignment with them. However on December 3rd, Mike Pompeo met with NATO heads as well. What would Pelosi possibly have to say?
  • While Pelosi denied she was traveling to Egypt, the itinerary of the flight said otherwise. Incidentally, again, Mike Pompeo had just been to Egypt 10 days prior.
  • January 18: Pelosi tries again to fly commercial to these same places, but has to cancel the trip, and accuses the White House of “leaking her commercial flight plans.” What commercial flights go to Afghanistan with US government officials?
  • January 18: President Trump announces that he plans to make a major announcement Saturday to be broadcast live from the White House.
  • The strangest incident yet: From Donna Brazile, this tweet:

Archived copy of this not yet located…

  • This seems to be very strange. We are looking for an archived copy of this tweet, but have not yet located it.

Is this code for an assassination attempt? MLK was, and “hope” is part of the mantra for Barack Obama during his own campaign.

  • January 18: Pelosi and Co. spotted at Reagan Airport
  • Last in our list (though the attached video describes still more), when the Air Force bus carrying the delegation was brought back from the airport on the 17th, it reportedly circled several times before stopping and letting everyone out. This raises its own set of questions, namely “why?”

And this last is even weirder: is widely understood to be a leftist “fact checker” site, but often some of the conspiracy theory debunking it does is pretty accurate. They checked into the allegation that 93 family members were to go on this trip (to Afghanistan!) and could not prove it one way or the other. In fact, this is what they said:

We requested comment from all seven Congressional members of the cancelled delegation: House Speaker Pelosi and U.S. Reps. Adam Schiff, Susan Davis, Eliot Engel, Elaine Luria, Stephen Lynch and Mark Takano. We did not receive a response from any of them.

This seems to be very telling. If there was no story, it probably would have taken all of about ten seconds to say so.

More information is offered in these video clips:


The conspiracy theory is that an attempt to bolster Deep State alliances was attempted. The timing of the alleged attacker, the possibility of several high-ranking US Congressional members, plus the Speaker of the House to be out of the US at the time of the attack, is spooky. Nancy Pelosi, as Speaker of the House, is third in line of succession. If the President and Vice President were killed or seriously incapacitated, she would become President.

So, is this a hokey conspiracy theory, just dreamed up by Trump supporters who are aggravated by Mrs. Pelosi’s stubbornness?

Let us hope so. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer together have successfully managed to hold the US government still and more importantly, they have been somewhat effective in at least delaying the President from getting the border wall built.

Remember that this wall’s completion will absolutely cut illegal border traffic. While that border traffic has been dropping since 2000’s high point of 1.6 million apprehended, 2018 still had some 470,000 illegals caught by the Border Patrol and ICE, which is the size of a large American city. On Wednesday, a huge drug seizure was accomplished at the US-Mexico border, with a haul of Fentanyl so large that it could have killed some 57 million people.

Closing the border with the wall will probably not stop all illegals. But it will stop the vast majority of them, and it may make the problem of illegal border crossings manageable while a better solution is found. But this will also aggravate interests in both political parties, for this is why the border has never been closed. Many people profit from cheap labor.

However, Mr. Trump is not a politician. He is a populist leader, and as we have already seen, he means to keep his word to his supporters, and it definitely appears that he does not care a fig for sweeping this matter under the carpet.

We know the media hates the President, and spends much of its time in a mindless rage over his existence.

The real question is, probably, therefore, this:

How many assassination attempts have been tried against President Trump? The second video says 12. Why do we not know about them?

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WN Kerr
WN Kerr

Who cares?

Donny Brook
Donny Brook

Are you asking who cares if it is true? I assume secret service would be all over it if it had a shred of truth to it. You would not hear about their investigation until it was complete. If it was true, and it would be unimaginable. Given the implications of what the theory carries, I doubt it is true, only a few strange coincidences.

Flying Gabriel
Flying Gabriel

It’s easier to write that than “I’m stupid”
But the message is the same.

Tom Welsh
Tom Welsh

All very well and good. But the story does make the unwarranted assumption that anyone cares whether any of those people live or die.

Donny Brook
Donny Brook

Trump, Pelosi, Pence, the Congress critters going on the flight? I’m not sure who you’re talking about. I can make up my own conspiracy theory right now: President Trump got last second word from the NSA that The congressional delegation trip had been compromised and was going to be shot down on takeoff. The capture of Hasher Taheb wit an AT-4 shoulder fired missile alerted the NSA to the existence of a terror cell operating in the Atlanta area and resulted in the entire operation being disrupted. Trump quickly canceled the trip to save the delegates and their families, who… Read more »

Matthew W

This would be a great story for The Onion.

Smoking Eagle
Smoking Eagle

Couldn’t agree more. Most news “stories” I read these days would be a great fit with The Onion.


We can confirm this is all true. For whatever reason, the info is not being made public.


The consolidation of power of the global military industrial complex

Do Europeans support the notion that the countries of the EU be the nuclear war playground of the United States?

Richard Galustian



Humanity faces two imminent existential threats: environmental catastrophe and nuclear war.

America has elected to completely ignore scientists warnings that we have 12 years to reverse an environmental disaster.

As far as nuclear obliteration, Trump announced that the US is withdrawing from the INF treaty, which eliminated short range missiles deployed in Western Europe, on Russia’s doorstep. It’s the equivalent of Russia placing nuclear missiles in Venezuela.

A provocation, which enables US supplied missiles to be launched, only a few minutes flight time to Moscow.

That, of course sharply increases the nuclear danger. Historically on both sides, attack warnings given by automated systems have often proved faulty in the past; that, if enacted upon, would have meant the end of life as we know it.

Anyone familiar with contemporary military history knows that it’s a virtual miracle that we have so far avoided nuclear war.

Politically within Europe, the attack on democracy is very clear. Unchallenged undemocratic institutions in Brussels exist that is, in the main, part of the problem of the UK BREXIT negotiations.

Why does the public readily accept wars, engineered by our morally bankrupt governments to create ‘regime change’ in countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, the Ukraine and soon to be Venezuela followed by Nicaragua and Iran, with such a muted outcry?

That preemptive nuclear attacks are even thought of shows the insanity of Western leadership controlled by vested financial interests led by the Military/Security Industrial Complex and bankers. Those same interests created both ‘industrialised’ World Wars in the 20th Century.

Our governments do not listen to the people. When two million hit the streets of London before the invasion of Iraq in 2003, it made not an iota of difference to Tony Blair’s government.

Today, people’s apathy is notably caused by conditioning’, maybe better described as we’ve been ‘disciplined’ by MSM propaganda and family’s economic necessity to focus on their income, have made us so, due to our governments mismanagement of our economies.

Example, our university students are saddled with impossible to repay debt for a reason; to keep future generations ‘disciplined’.

No one has time or dare show any dissent especially given the Orwellian ‘newspeak’ environment that is created by ‘political correctness’.

Back to the subject of Russia phobia. The Western narrative against Russia is, in the main, the below:

* that Russia tried to murder the Skripals. Let the British government, who seem to be holding the Skripals against their will, prove they are not, by letting them be interviewed by the World’s Press.

* Ukraine – For over four years, the governments of NATO and the MSM have been waging the new cold war against Russia. This began with the ‘Maidan’ protests in Kyiv, Ukraine in early 2014 that culminated in the overthrow, universally acknowledged to have been engineered by the CIA, of Ukraine’s elected president and Parliament in February 2014. Putting in power an ultra neo-Nazi government, that in particular voiced hatred against all things Russian…and Jewish. Which MSM, TV news or newspapers, says so?

* That almost 100% of Crimea’s population are glad and grateful to be part of Russia. US, UK and EU says that is untrue, which is nonsense.

The demonisation of Russia is central to the multinational corporate interests that control our governments; the bankers protecting the steeply declining US Dollar, the institutions of the EU that are really controlled by Washington, who are preparing world public opinion to accept what the United States are now gearing up for, the “defence” of Europe.

At this point let us reflect on history by quoting one of America’s most distinguished soldiers, maybe of its entire history, General Smedley D. Butler, from his book ‘War is a Racket: The Antiwar Classic by America’s Most Decorated Soldier.’

“No one told these American soldiers that they might be shot down by bullets made by their own brothers here. No one told them that the ships on which they were going to cross might be torpedoed by submarines built with US patents.”

It is recommended to read more about General Smedley Butler, as he was the man chosen by US bankers and particularly the Bush family in the 1930s, to be the new fascist leader of the USA by overthrowing, in a coup, the then President Roosevelt during the period of Hitler’s rise to power. A coincidence one wonders. Butler was a true patriot; he bided his time then revealed the plot to both Congress and President Roosevelt. If you doubt this, it is suggested you research the subject.

We can stop the consolidation of power of the global military/security industrial complex, its war party associates, and specifically the US, UK and EU deep state political and financial elite that no doubt exists. We must elect new leaders, it’s that simple.

To quote Noam Chomsky “….power is always illegitimate, unless it proves itself to be legitimate. So the burden of proof is always on those who claim that some authoritarian hierarchic government is legitimate. If they can’t prove it, then it should be dismantled.”

Implicit in this statement is change by either elections or revolutions.

The French people have shown us when enough is enough by their persistent resistance to their government.

Do Europeans support the notion that the countries of the EU be the nuclear war playground of the United States?

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Google flipped seats, shifted millions of votes to Dems in 2018 midterms

Google influenced 2018 midterms, shifted millions of votes to Dems – new research.





Via RT…

Google’s biased search algorithm actually flipped seats in the 2018 US midterm elections, according to a researcher who found the search engine’s “dramatically biased” results could have shifted over 78 million votes to Democrats.

“Upwards of 25 percent of the national elections in the world are being decided without people’s knowledge by Google’s search algorithm,” senior research psychologist Dr. Robert Epstein of the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology told RT, calling the search engine the “deciding factor” in close races.

Epstein’s study of three 2018 California House races found Google played the deciding role in flipping those Republican-held seats to the Democrats, influencing millions of undecided voters by controlling what they saw when they searched 500 election-related terms. Google’s results showed a “significant liberal bias,” unlike Bing’s or Yahoo’s – and with 90 percent of the search engine’s market share in the US, that bias is enormously influential.

Search results favoring one side of an issue can influence anywhere from 20 to 80 percent of undecided voters, depending on the issue and demographic group, Epstein said. He has spent six years investigating the role of what he calls the Search Engine Manipulation Effect (SEME) in swaying public opinion, more recently focusing on the political ramifications by looking at various countries’ elections.

“People trust algorithmic output. They trust Google. They think because it’s generated by a computer, they don’t see the human hand – they think it’s impartial and objective and, because of that, their opinions change,” Epstein said.

While Google denies it manipulates search rankings to manipulate political sentiment or makes election-specific tweaks, Epstein says their response is disingenuous – he never claimed they re-ranked results, merely that the results they displayed were biased.

We found very consistently that on Google they ended up with search results favoring liberals and favoring liberal news sources, and it was quite a dramatic effect.

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May tells Brexiters in Chequers meeting she’ll quit if they vote for her Brexit deal

May has alienated too many Labour MPs and Tory Remainer ultras to win the vote.

The Duran



Reported by Robert Peston via iTV…

I am reliably told that Theresa May told Boris Johnson, Iain Duncan Smith, Steve Baker, Jacob Rees Mogg, David Davis et al at Chequers that she will quit if they vote for her deal, including the backstop they hate.

But she gave no specifics. So there is not a lot of trust she would actually quit.

And the problem is that even if she persuades all Tory ERG MPs to vote for her unamended Withdrawal Agreement, which she won’t (because although Mogg and his supporters may succumb to her call for loyalty, Baker and the Brexiter purists will resist her blandishments) and she also successfully woos Northern Ireland’s 10 DUP, she still does not have the numbers.

May has alienated too many Labour MPs and Tory Remainer ultras (Grieve, Greening, Gyamah inter alia) to win the vote. So even with May offering herself for ritual sacrifice on the Brexiter altar, the ERG Brexiters and DUP may well say thank you very much, and vote against her anyway.

Why should they compromise their principles, and alienate their loyal supporters, for May’s doomed project?

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